Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Kitchen Towel

Around our kitchen, I am known for always having a dishtowel tossed over my shoulder.  This quirk of mine annoys Casey to no end.  Whenever he is helping out in the kitchen and looks for the towel, he rolls his eyes when he finds it on my shoulder.  He thinks the towel should be placed in a neutral location so all can use it.

The truth is I come by this naturally.  My mom always has a towel draped over her shoulder when she is the kitchen It is so handy, and you always know right where it is!

So, imagine Casey's chagrin when I texted him this picture:

It's in the genes!


Lometa said...

I love it!

Deedee said...

Lucky her to be so genetically blessed !!

Nathan said...

It certainly is...I do the same thing.