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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Ring Story

It was the summer of 2004.  Casey and I had been married for a short 15 months.  We traveled to Colorado for our typical week-long summer vacation.

Our Colorado trips then were different than they are now.  Our time was spent doing anything WE wanted, without consideration for the littles that now accompany us.  For Casey this meant, lots of fly-fishing, golfing, and the occasional 4-wheeler ride.

The streams of  Colorado are beautiful.  Calm and still in some places, rough and treacherous in others.  Deep in some, shallow in others.  In some areas you can see the bottom, but not in most.  The bottom of Spring Creek is rocky, slippery, dark and sometimes murky.

I will never forget the way Casey looked after he came home from a particular day of fly-fishing with my dad.  Devastated.  He looked devastated. 

He had lost his wedding ring while on the stream.

When it was time to head back to the cabin,  he looked down and his ring was gone.  He had no recollection of it falling off.  After reliving the day's events, Casey remembered falling in the stream in one particular spot.  He surmised that the ring must've slipped off during that fall.  He and Dad went back and looked in and around that location, but had no luck.  What are the odds?  It would've been like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

While any wedding band is special, I'd like to think that Casey's was exceptionally meaningful.  Casey and his grandfather were very close while Casey was growing up.  Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away before he and I met.  While we were engaged, I had Casey's wedding band made from a piece of his late grandfather's jewelry.  So the ring not only carried the significance of our marriage, but also a memory of his grandfather.

With no hope of finding the ring, we continued our vacation, but with a dark cloud hovering.  Casey had a tee time scheduled the next morning.  It seemed that there was no hope in finding the ring, so he went ahead and played golf.  I tagged along and rode in the golf cart with him. (Remember!  We were newlyweds!)  The golf was good, but the mood was somber.  Casey is a pretty laid back guy, but he was so bummed about the loss of his ring.

Unbeknownst to us, my mom and dad felt so sorry for us that they went back up the stream while we were at the golf course.  They decided to take one more look in stream again.  This time they were armed.  Cleverly enough, they each took a 9x13 glass pan with them.  The thought was that this would stop the current in the water and serve as a make-shift magnifying glass.  They could hold the pan at the surface of the water and look though it seeing the bottom clearer.

Casey had fished for a while on that fateful afternoon.  There was probably almost a mile of stream to cover.  Where to begin?  They started at the spot of the "fall."  Which turned out to be a good starting point.  Not long after beginning this dismal ring search, Dad spotted a glimmer of gold.

Another look I will never forget....returning to the cabin after 18 holes and seeing the gold wedding ring hanging by a literal string in the door frame!

We were shocked, grateful, SHOCKED, and thrilled.  Needless to say, when Casey goes fishing now, he might take a few kids, he might take his lunch, but he definitely does not take his ring.

And honestly, nine years later, I am still shocked the ring was found.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Main Man!

Graham and I are having a big time hanging together while the girls are in school!  Here are a few pictures I have snapped with my phone.

We have just barely dipped our toes in the potty training world. I need to buckle down, spend a few days, and get it done.  Soon enough.   lt should be remembered that he calls these his "batman panties."  The trials and tribulations of having three sisters.

We went to pick up some football tickets and came across a practice field.  Graham ran for about 200 yards on that thing!  He loved it!

He is such a happy little guy.  Sure, he throws his two-year-old fit, but most of the time, he is such a joy!

While I am always ready to go pick up the girls, I am loving the time with my boy!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Go Diamonds!

Jane and Sydney made their soccer debut this weekend!  And so did Coach Casey!


 The girls were so excited about their first game.  They love that Casey is coaching.  The Diamonds have had several practices, but this was their first game.  Their opponents have played for several years, so this was a learning experience for the Diamonds.

Jane and Sydney did great.  They were right in the thick of things, and I think with a little experience, they will be excellent soccer players!

The Diamonds scored several times and there was lots of cheering!

Jane was happy to see her fans on the sidelines!

It was so hot out there yesterday.  So, so hot!

Graham had a big time trying to keep cool.

Jane and Syd were in sync on this move!

Casey did such a great job coaching.  When the game was over, despite the heat and the "loss", Syd said, "That was SO fun!"  That tells me Casey must be doing an excellent job!

I have said it before, but I'll say it again.....he must really love these girls to wear neon pink 'Diamonds' on his shirt!

Go Diamonds!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clare Cooks!

Last weekend I told Clare that she was going to cook dinner one night this week!  She was thrilled at her newly appointed task.  We discussed menu options, and after I offered some input (no homemade ice cream!), she planned to cook meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, green beans and brownies!  I did the shopping, and Wednesday night, she was ready to cook!

As soon as she got home from school, she was ready to get down to business!  She made her brownies and her meatloaf, and she insisted that she could do it by herself!

Take notice of the towel over Clare's shoulder!!!
I let her make the macaroni and cheese (under careful supervision)!

 The other kids were happy to eat Clare's meal....and requested their own night to cook!

After this delicious meal, I was happy to kiss the cook!

Monday, September 2, 2013

First week Photos

The only thing of interest around here is school stuff.  Everyone is getting back in the groove.  At the risk of "over-documenting" the first week of school, here are a few pictures from last week.

We walked to school almost everyday last week, and everyday, I asked them to take a picture. I promise this won't keep up throughout the whole year!

Clare is loving second grade.  She likes her teacher, and she is happy to go everyday.

Sydney is also loving it. She literally skips down the hallway.  Jane is liking school, but isn't loving the morning drop-off.  She is a tender soul, and it is just going to take a bit longer for her to get used to it!

Here's to the second week of school (and hopefully, some new blog material!)