Friday, December 14, 2018

Fall Pics

It's that time again! Fall pictures!  

When did Clare turn 17????  She looks so old and beautiful in these pictures!

Sweet Jane!  Looking so pretty in this blue!

There were so many good pictures of Sydney.  She was in good form on this particular day!

Graham is tricky to get a "picture smile" from, so it's best to get the real deal!  He's got a great smile!

And of course, some of all four!

And the ones on my Christmas card!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sky Ranch with Jane and Sydney

One of the 5th grade field trips is a three-day trip to Sky Ranch.  I was (mostly) happy to join them on the experience!

The three days consisted of lots of learning and some fun!  The girls got to ride horses, see some animals, sleep in cabins, zip line, and do some fun experiments.

I was lucky enough to have some good friends with me!  These ladies made the three days fly by!

A highlight for everyone was stopping at Buc-cee's on the way home.  

The trip to Sky Ranch is a much-anticipated part of the 5th grade year.  Now that I've been with Clare and the twins, I think I'll let Casey go with Graham!!