Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It's Jane's turn!  It is such a pleasure to be Jane's mom.  She is the sweetest child that ever existed.  That's not to say that she doesn't occasionally give off some attitude, but her true personality is just so kind.  She is a quiet, thoughtful, sensitive, fun-loving, rule-following girl.

Jane is the "girliest" of all my girls.  She loves fashion, accessories, getting dressed up and all of that.  She'll happily try on the clothes that I buy her, and she loves to new things to wear.  She wears scarves all of the time, and she always has the most jewelry on.

She's so well-rounded, though, because she's quite sporty as well!  She is a darn good soccer player, and she continues to love gymnastics.  She is often outside playing...she just might be donning a scarf!

This girl is one talented artist! I am amazed at her sketching abilities.  She is creative and loves a good art project.  She is patient enough to sit and work on something for a long period of time....unlike her twin sister!

Jane doesn't have a sweet tooth at all.  She prefers salty to sweet, kolaches to donuts, chips to candy, and always loves when sausage is on the menu!  She loves to play with her friends, watch YouTube videos, and her favorite thing to do is to shop Target! 😊

Jane is generous with her thoughtfulness.  You'll never leave an event with Jane without getting a hug first, and she frequently leaves Casey and I notes around the house.  She is a pleasure to be around....and I'm thankful I get to be around her a lot!