Monday, June 19, 2017

New Braunfels!

In the early part of this summer, we took a trip to New Braunfels, TX with all of Casey's family!

We had a great time swimming,

water ballooning,

feeding the goats,

and just looking cute!

Casey, Bryan, Nick, and Papaw ventured an hour and a half away to Snow's BBQ....ranked the number one barbeque spot in Texas! 

We floated two different rivers.  On Saturday, we floated the Comal and then on Sunday, the San Marcos River.  The whole crew before our float on Saturday.

On Monday, our family of six and Morgan went to Schlitterbahn.  We opened and closed the park!

 Casey is a water park superstar!  He will ride rides as long as the kids will!

I think Graham may follow in his footsteps.  He was riding the rides, screaming "YOLO"  (you only live once!)

We had a great time visiting a new spot.  All of the activities were fun, and the company was even better!

Friday, June 2, 2017

End of School Festivities

The last week of school is a busy one!!  This year, it was also a short one!  We had a three day week, which started with a picnic.  It was a hot day, but it was fun to join the kids for lunch.

Graham with his awesome teacher, Ms. Hanlon, and his buddy Chase.

The kindergarteners had a program during the last week of school.  They had to wear nice clothes, and they sang their little hearts out. 

Every time Graham saw us in the crowd, he smiled the biggest smile. 

Proud sister!

Finally, it was time for the last day!

It is a tradition around here to have signs up for the kids when they get home on their last day.  This year I had to include Payton, since she came home with Clare!

We headed to swim party to officially kick of summer!!