Sunday, December 31, 2017

December Daze

The month of December flew by, and I have done a terrible job of documenting the fun!  We did all of our usual stuff...Christmas bowling, all of our advent fun, looking at Christmas lights, and lots more fun!

The month started off with the Christmas musical at church.  This year all four kids participated!  Clare and Jane were shepherd girls (and Clare had to sing a solo!),

Sydney was a sheep,

and Graham was in the chorus.  The show was called All About that Baby, and it was so cute!

Throughout the month, we did various Christmas activities including making ugly Christmas sweater ornaments and peppermint ornaments!

Christmas Cookie Chaos is always a fun day!  This year we added in my aunt Jennifer, which made it even better.  Unfortunately, LoLo wasn't able to make it, but we all wore our cute aprons that she made us proudly!

We attended a candlelight service, and finally it was Christmas Eve!  We headed to Dale and Dan's midday and began the celebration!  We were all excited!

It is fun to have a crazy aunt!

Finally, it was time to start! 

We were all spoiled! Some of us even got poop emoji onesies!!!

We headed home and got set up for Santa,

and bid our farewells to Frank!

Santa came!  He brought Graham a drone, Jane a instant camera, Sydney a Garmin activity tracker, and Clare received a laptop!  Four happy kids!

We gave each other our gifts, and highlights included a Dude Perfect shirt for Graham,

a ukulele for Jane!

After we opened up our family gifts, we got dressed and headed to LoLo and Pop's.  Sadly, LoLo still wasn't feeling her best.  She has a nasty case of Shingles, but we pulled together and managed to have a great day....but I have no pictures!  We had great food, received lots of wonderful gifts and enjoyed the day!  

And now, December is over and we're looking toward 2018!  Happy New Year!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Double Digits!

Happy birthday Jane and Sydney!  10 years old!

As tradition dictates, we took Jane and Syd to Fort Worth for the weekend instead of having a party.  We did Sundance Square, a giant maze, face paint,

a drive in movie, 

the Stock Yards, 

the water gardens, and lots of quality time with the girls.

They were wiped out!

We did a family party on Friday night.  The girls requested a unicorn cake, so that's what they got!

  They were thoroughly spoiled, and it was fun celebrating them.

They are as different as night and day, sweet and sassy, and they brighten any room they enter!  Today, we'll have one of their favorite meals, treat them to some cupcakes, and try to grasp the fact that they are 10!