Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two and a Half Times Two!

Jane and Sydney are two and a half...and have been for a few weeks! While the "twos" are notorious for being terrible, these two at two are quite manageable. Don't get me wrong; they each definitely have their moments. Sydney's fits are loud, ear-piercing, and destructive. Jane's fits are not quite as shrill, but take whining to a whole new level. However, they ain't got nothing on what their big sister brought when she was two!
They are good eaters, good sleepers, and just really want to be big! They are both doing great with potty training...at least with 'number one.' We still have some work to do on the other....I'll just leave it at that!

Jane still clings pretty closely to my side. She has her own funny personality, but shows it in a quiet way. She is the slowest eater known to man and could live on cheeseburgers alone. She still sucks her middle two fingers, and is still a great sleeper. She loves puzzles and playing babies. She has turned into a curly, blonde-headed, tan little girl this summer! What a sweetheart!

Sydney is a riot! She is the most mischievous of all my kids. She pesters her sisters on purpose, and gets great joy out of annoying them. She talks in this matter-of-fact way that keeps me laughing. She has strong opinions about what she wears, and her favorite outfit is her princess nightgown. She wears it ALL THE TIME! Sydney loves make-up, wrestling with her Daddy and playing chase.

How can it be that these two are closer to three than two?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's In a Name?

Clare started swim lessons this week. We were waiting for her first class, and Clare was a little bit nervous, but holding it together really well. She kept asking if it was time for her to go, and I told her that she would go when they called her name.

Understandably, Sydney and Jane were curious if they would be going to swim lessons also. Sydney, in particular, wanted to go. I told them that they would get to go when they are three. So then, Sydney's curiousity turned to when it was time for Clare to go. Again, I told them that Clare would go when they called her name.

After a few more minutes, the teacher comes in and begins calling names. Finally, we hear "Clare," and Clare cautiously walks off. A few names later, we hear "Sydney." My Sydney's eyes lit up!

Unfortunately, I had to break the news to her that another little girl named Sydney got to go this year. Thankfully, she seemed OK with this and was really fine when Deedee offered to take her outside for a walk.

Poor girl....she was so ready. Next year, sweetie, next year.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day




to a dad

who just

makes life



We love you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"When I Get Big"

One of the many things that I hear everyday is "I can do that when I get big?" Jane says this all day long, and it always comes in question form as if she is looking for some reassurance. A few of the things she is excited about doing when she 'gets big' are:

-chewing bublegum
-working at Daisy
-drinking from an open cup
-swimming without her Puddle Jumper
-sitting in Clare's car seat
-crossing the street without holding hands

The list goes on and on!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Wish I Could Bottle...

...the way Clare will shake her head in disbelief when someone says something silly.

...the way Sydney purses her lips and closes her eyes when she nods in agreement.

...the sound of all three singing together.

...the way Jane shifts her eyes over when someone says something silly.

...the way Sydney will run full-throttle at you and then jump right on you, laughing the whole time.

...the way Clare gets excited when we get to do something "big girl."

...the way Jane will come up and give me a hug in a totally random moment.

...the way Clare will talk to the little girls when they are sad.

...the sound of all three of my girls laughing and playing together.

They all have little nuances in their personalities that are so sweet and so much of what makes them THEM. And I don't want to forget any of them.

Fun is...

...making snow cones!

...taking daily "nature walks."

...tubing for the first time!

...relaxing in the lake!

...eating S'mores!

...hanging out on the dock!

...taking boat rides!

Fun is...our annual trip to Hot Springs with Casey's family!

Monday, June 7, 2010


This morning, Clare asked Casey to help her clip her bangs back. Casey, of course, helped her. Then Clare says, "I am trying to grow my bangs out, but these suckers just won't grow."

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy Break

I have mentioned Izzy many times on this blog. Clare takes her role as Izzy's mother very seriously, but sometimes she needs a break.

The other night she brought her down around dinnertime and said, "I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight, so I just picked up McDonald's!"

Who can blame her?