Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Graham Says...

Graham keeps me laughing with the funny things that come out of his mouth!  Last week we were in the car headed to swim lessons, and he said, "Are my swim lessons going to be in the cat pool?"  The girls and I were puzzled. Cat pool?  What is a cat pool?
Then it hit me.....we call the smaller pool the "kiddie pool."  He obviously heard "kitty pool," hence "cat pool." 
So, from this point forward, we will refer to the shallow pool as the cat pool!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

School's Out! Scream! Shout!

Summer has arrived with a bang!!!  I now have two second graders and a fourth grader!!!
While the girls were busy finishing out the school year, Graham and I went to the zoo with some friends.   He loved the animals and he especially loved the animatronic dinosaurs!
Our first week of summer has been big fun.  Casey had an unexpected day off and we hit the bowling lanes and snow cone stand.  It's so fun to have Daddy home for a day in the summer!
We have also spent TONS of time at the pool.  Jane and Graham are taking some swim lessons, and Syd and Clare are in a diving class.  Clare has also joined a competitive swim class, and she has turned into quite the little fish!
There are so many fun things to look forward to in summer, and we are enjoying this first week!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brace Yourself!

We've reached a new milestone at the Eoff house!  Clare got braces last Friday.  She has worn a retainer for a while, but it was time for the next step.  She was super excited about getting them, stating, "Getting braces has been on my bucket list!"

Here she is before:


And after:

She just has four brackets (complete with pink and silver rubber bands) on her top teeth, but that was enough to cause some pain over the weekend!  I think we're over the worst, and she's adjusting nicely!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Mayhem

May is always a crazy busy month.  It rivals December in terms of fun stuff going on.  We started out the month with the Daisy Family picnic.  This is always a fun event that the kids love.  Jane and Sydney took advantage of the tattoo artist and got themselves some mustaches!  The photo booth and go-karts were also a big hit!
Next up, we had our annual "Pool Opening" party at Deedee and Papaw's.  We celebrated Papaw's birthday and the kids enjoyed the first outdoor swim of the season.  It was big fun with food, swimming, and hula hooping. 
However, we did have two small setbacks: 1) Clare freaked out after finding a teeny-tiny turtle in the pool
 and 2) Graham wasn't feeling his best.  He actually ended up having pneumonia that week, but thankfully, he bounced back quickly with some antibiotics.  Good thing too...too much going on to waste time being sick!
Thankfully, he was healthy for his End of Year Program.  He loved performing, and he was the cutest little bumblebee around! 
And you better believe that he had quite the cheering section!
Our next May event was Mother's Day!  It was a special, relaxing day.  The kids showered me with gifts, and Casey cooked a delicious dinner. These four are such great kids and made me feel so special!
 Yesterday, we celebrated with LoLo, Emme, and Deedee at our annual Mother's Day Tea.  The girls and I love this special event, and it's always fun to have a "fancy" lunch.  I hope our grandmas know how much we appreciate them!

Finally, the 80's dance at the elementary school was a totally rad night!  The girls embraced the theme and were decked out in their 80's finest! 
The rest of May holds even more fun....Field Day, Graham's last days of preschool this year, field trips, end of season soccer parties and more!  By the time summer gets here, we'll all be ready for a break! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Material Girl

Jane has become quite the fashionista lately!  She has very strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and she puts together some show-stopping looks!

She always wants to wear lots of 'extras'....hats, vests, scarves, bracelets, etc. Oftentimes, the more accessories, the better!  She does all of her accessorizing herself, and fixes her hair everyday on her own.  Here are a few of her "looks" from the past couple of weeks:

I have never been one to wear leggings under shorts, but she went for it, and she looked cute as a button!  She accessorized with purple Converse high tops and a scarf!  (Her cheeks are red because we had just walked home from school!)

 This day called for shorts, ankle boots, a scarf and a bun in her hair!
On most days, as long as her outfits adhere to the school dress code, I let her dress as she chooses.  However, she is currently quite upset with me that I won't let her wear these fingerless gloves to school.   Forgive me, but I think they might be a tad distracting in class!  So, she wears them around the house ALL OF THE TIME...even in her pajamas!
I think she has an eye for fashion...maybe a future fashion designer?!?!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Graham!

 "Little boys should never be sent to bed.  They always wake up a day older."  -Peter Pan
Happy, happy birthday to my sweet Graham.  Your smile lights up a room, and it is such a delight to be your mom.  Hope your fourth birthday is the happiest yet.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Turtle Power: Party Style!

The fourth birthday has always been the one where my kids get to start inviting friends....before that it is just family! So, this is a big year for Graham. He decided early on that he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party.   We decided to get a bounce house and celebrate at our house.  He invited the boys from his class, and we were ready to party!
Graham must be living right because it rained and stormed the entire week before his party, but Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful day!  It was perfect, and I was relieved!!!
The boys bounced

and played bean bag toss and played in the fort until they were all hot and sweaty!
Graham's cheeks were so red throughout the whole party!
We took a bouncing break to open presents...
and to have cake!

It was a fun and easy party.  We sent the guests away with small party favors,

and then it was time for the family party!  The whole family, including Aunt Morgan,  came over to celebrate with Graham. 
The bounce house hung around for a few more hours, so we continued the celebration with some pizza and more partying!
 He was so funny opening his presents; he said "why are y'all guys just staring at me?"
He got a ton of great gifts, including a new, bigger bike.  We spent some time today working on riding it.  He has had a balance bike, so we are hoping he can get this one down without training wheels.  We'll see.
Graham had such a great party day.  He loved every minute of it, and I loved watching it.  At church this morning, he looked up to Casey and said "I loved my birthday party."  Makes it all worth it!