Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Graham's First Day of Preschool

After much anticipation, it was finally time to meet Graham's preschool teacher. He was so excited!  The girls have been in school for over two weeks, so Graham was definitely ready for his turn!  We all went up to his preschool, and with many requests for the girls to give him some room, Graham was happy to meet Ms. Jennifer! 

He asked me several times yesterday if  I had packed his lunch yet!  He was more than ready for his big preschool debut.

When we pulled up to the school, lots of kids were waiting outside for the doors to open.  Graham said, "Mom, the kids are lining up.  I need to be out there."  When we got to his class, I helped him put his stuff away, gave him a big hug, and then left him playing with play-doh!  He did great! 

The girls were so excited to hear about Graham's first day, so after we picked them up, we went for ice cream.  They asked him a ton of questions and were so interested in his day.  I love to watch how caring they are toward their little brother....most of the time.

Something tells me he was enjoying the spotlight.

It is so bittersweet that my little man is in preschool.  How can he seem so big and so little at the same time?!?

 Here's hoping he has a great year in Ms. Jennifer's Monkey class!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching Up With Clare

Clare is really liking third grade!  She loves that they are upstairs in the building, and that she gets to carry a binder instead of a folder.  These things are a big deal!  She likes that she HAS homework....she just doesn't always like DOING the homework!

She ventured out to her first slumber party last weekend, and she deemed it a success!  There were eleven girls there; makes me tired to think about it!

I think this is the sign of a good party!

Clare is growing up so quickly!  She's responsible and kind, and she's great with younger kids. She often rounds up the younger kids at Jane and Sydney's soccer practice and plays games with them.  So helpful!  She takes her role as Graham's big sister very seriously.  She is about to start a swim team program, and she is excited about that.  Clare is a great reader and writer, and she is constantly dreaming up projects to be completed....that usually involve paint, duct tape, glitter, and any other craft material you can dream up!

Looking forward to see what the rest of this third grade year brings!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Business

We got our teacher assignments in the mail last week, and we were ready to go Meet the Teacher last Thursday!

Everyone's classes received seals of approval, and we began making preparations for the big day!  Sunday night we had a "Back to School" feast!

I had written some questions for each girl,things like "I'm excited about..." and "I'm nervous about..."  Imagine my delight, when I read what Jane, my sensitive girl,  was nervous about....'nuthing.'    For the record, Sydney was nervous about lunch, and Clare was nervous about her sub. (Her teacher recently had a baby and is out until the end of September.)

And finally, the big day had arrived!  The girls all awoke before their alarms went off, and they were excited.  The first day of school drop-off is always a bit chaotic, but aside from a few tears from Graham, it went well!  The girls happily went in and found their seats!

I was ready for school to start this year.  After the summer, it just seemed like everyone was ready for a change of pace.  It's so funny how even though I was ready, as soon as I dropped them off this morning, I was ready to hear how their days went!  I was anxious to see them at 3:00!

All reports were good!  Everyone had a great day, and had good things to say about their classes.  We went for ice cream after school and the details of the day slowly trickled out during the afternoon.

This little guy was certainly happy to have "his girls" home after school.  The house was quiet without his partners in crime around!

Everyone is excited and ready to go back tomorrow! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Colorado 2014

Our annual trip to Colorado was a great one!  LoLo and Pop were there waiting for us, along with with Nathan, Megan and Brody.  The cousins were thrilled to be reunited!

LoLo and Pop had lots of fun activities planned for the kids, including making these fun shirts.

  We also painted bird houses, spent tons of time outside, 

rode 4 wheelers, played a few games,


 relaxed in the hammock,

played corn hole and ate at some of our favorite restaurants.

On one particularly beautiful day, the whole crew went on a hike.  It was so much fun.  The kids did awesome, and the views were incredible!

Nathan and I took this selfie on Mom's camera.  Not a shabby backdrop!

Sadly, our week came to an end, and it was time to head back to Texas. 

But we'll look forward to seeing views like this again next year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fossil Rim

A couple of weeks ago, Deedee treated us to a trip to Fossil Rim.    Fortuitously, it was a pleasant, overcast day....such a treat in July!  It was a great day to visit the animals. It wasn't too crowded, and we got to drive through at our own pace. 

Graham enjoyed feeding the animals.  He thought it was so cool that the animals came right up to your window!

Clare was a little squeamish about this guy.  She was more comfortable tossing the food on the ground and letting the animals take it from there!  Like mother, like daughter!

We stopped at the overlook and had a nice lunch, and visited the children's area. 

There were some very tame goats in the children's area.  Sydney took a liking to this guy. 

Then it was back in the car to see more animals.  Jane continued supplying the animals with more food than they could eat.  

We saw tons of deer, giraffes, zebras, ostriches,

and some rhinos!

It was a great day.  The kids loved seeing all the animals, and it felt like an "adventure!"  Thanks to Deedee for the great day trip!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Missoula Theater Camp

Last week, my three girls participated in Missoula Children's Theater Camp.  Clare has done this camp for the past two summers, but this year Jane and Sydney were old enough too!  And as luck would have it, the play for this year's camp was Rapunzel!

Jane and Sydney were cast as mushrooms, and blue mushrooms as that.  They sang several songs and had some dance moves in the play.

Sydney had a slight wardrobe malfunction in the first show.  Her mushroom cap fell off, and it proved to be tricky to get it back on!  By the second performance, she was good to go!

Clare was cast as a pixie.  She was happy with her role, and had a couple of lines, and she did a great job!

I am impressed every year at the Missoula camp.  They audition on Monday and perform the shows on Saturday.  It's a well-oiled machine!

 So proud of my pixie

and my "fun guys!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scenes of Summer

The blog has totally taken a back seat this summer, but here is a quick look into some of what we've been up to!

Jane and Sydney love playing with make-up.  Here are the "after poses!"

My four little Bible children....all ready for VBS!

My big parenting fail...I trusted Clare when she told me she had sunscreen on.  I felt so bad!

  A rare night when we had just the twins for dinner.

Going for walks is always a lot of work....lots of "stuff" to get ready

...and then usually not a ton of walking.

Clare was happy that it was her turn to spend the night at DeeDee's!

My big man went to the dentist for the first time!  He did so great!  When the hygienist was cleaning his teeth, he was belly laughing and saying "It tickles!"

We have settled into a good routine for summer, and I can't believe how fast it is flying by!