Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween!

The kids had their own ideas this year, and I think they turned out adorable!  Jane and Sydney quickly decided that they wanted to be nerds this year.  They coordinated with several friends and had quite a posse of nerds!

Graham has been quite into Nate the Great books this fall, so he decided to go as Nate.  Since no one knows who that is, we decided he would just be a detective!  


Clare and her friends decided to go as a group of social apps, and she picked Pinterest.  With the make-up on, she looked so much older!

I thought her whole group turned out really cute!  They have all your social media needs covered....Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, YouTube and more.

As much as I love coordinating costumes, it's fun when the kids have their own ideas too.  They all loved what they wore, and they had a great Halloween!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Day!

Summer flew by!  It's hard to believe that it's already over, but alas, we are three days into a new school year.  Let's back up and look at all of our first day festivities!

We have a traditional back to school dinner!  I cover the table in butcher paper, have the kids write some stuff on it, and we usually have pasta.  I love seeing some of their answers.

Graham is excited about wearing headphones at school, and he is nervous about nothing!!

Here's what Clare had to say:

Jane's responses:

And lastly, Sydney's:

On the first morning of school, everyone was up early and ready to roll.  I think everyone had some nervous one ate much breakfast!  

Graham is headed to first grade, and one of his best buddies is in his class!

Jane and Sydney are in fourth grade.  They have two great for reading and writing and one for math.

Clare is top dog this year as a big 6th grader.  (sniff, sniff)  

My four smarty-pants!!

And a more serious one for posterity's sake!

All reports from the first day were good.  Clare's teacher was out sick, so that was kind of a bummer, but she seemed ok about it all.  

Praying for a great school year!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Colorado 2017

At last!  It was finally time for our week in Colorado!  The cousins were excited to be reunited!

One of our first stops was Jane's Lane!

We started our week off with our second annual campout.  The campout always provides some good memories.  This year we saw a moose on our drive to our campsite.  It rained a bit, and we were very thankful for our tarp setup!.  Thankfully, the rain passed by, and we were able to cook our dinner and have a good night's sleep!

These five love the camping trip.  They hang out by the stream, gather wood, look for animals, and they even shot the pellet gun.

We spent a day on Mt. Crested Butte.  The kids love all of the activities, including bag jump

and Euro Bungee!

Several in our group hiked up to the top of the mountain!  

Clare's had an injured foot, so we passed on hiking this week, but she thought something was pretty funny!

Another day, Megan took these four on an easier hike.  They loved it, and I love the pictures that she got!

On Friday, Mom helped the kids have their second annual lemonade stand.  "Cousins Lemonade!"

Graham was excited to get a matching shirt with his uncle Nate!

LoLo had a fun project for the girls.  They made no-sew fleece scarves!

It was a great week in a beautiful place!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Phone Picture Dump

Here are some random pictures from my phone from this month....

I took the girls shopping one afternoon.  We had such a fun outing, and those girls can shop!  I think we stayed at the mal for five hours!  The highlight for the girls were the food court snacks!

Jane and Sydney struck a sassy pose for me in the dressing room.  They look so much alike to me in this picture.

This guy isn't much for shopping, but he's on a first name basis with the tooth fairy!  I think he's lost four this summer.

As seen above, my girls are big fans of Starbuck's.  They had a friend sleepover, and they decided to try their hands at homemade unicorn frappacinos.  They were quite pleased with their re-creations!

After all that working, they needed to relax!!!

In 6th grade, you have to choose between band, orchestra and choir.  Clare chose band, and she selected flute.  We picked it up yesterday, and next week she will go to a few band practices to get started.

Summer is a great time to practice fort building skills.  I was pretty impressed with Jane, Sydney and Graham's fort.  They even slept in it one night!

We celebrated Casey's birthday with a dinner at Hutchin's!  (Syd had some attitude about posing for a picture.)

Summer definitely means more time at home, which often means more arguing.  I was so pleased one morning last week.  I was in my room getting ready, and it took me longer than usual.  I came out into the dining room and all four kids were sitting there coloring together.  It was such a pleasant reminder of that they are nice to each other a lot of the time.  Made this mama proud!

That's it for July!  Can't believe August is right around the corner!