Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So Many Things....

A quick look through my phone shows that I've missed posting on so many things....

Graham styled his hair in a mohawk for "glow in the dark" day.

Jane and Sydney are playing on the Sassy Spikers.  I think Syd would make a great mascot.  Sassy spiker, indeed!

Casey and I celebrated our 15th anniversary!  Man, time flies....

We had a church volunteer celebration at Top Golf.  The kids (and the parents) had a great time!

Clare had her end of year band concert.  The improvement from the beginning of the year was remarkable!  She has decided not to play next year in middle school.

While we're discussing middle school, Clare applied to be on the yearbook staff.  She has to create a mock page and fill out a pretty extensive application! 

She did a really great job, and we were so excited for her when she was selected!

Graham loves playing with friends after school.  I love their cute smiles!

I found this letter in Graham's school folder.  It says:  "Dear Dak Prescott, I know that you're sad because Dez got fired and Jason retired and Ryan got traded.  I know it's sad. But thank goodness you didn't get traded or fired.  From your biggest fan, Graham Eoff."

Now, we are wrapping up school...only 10 more days!  So many things left to do...field day, snow cones at school, picnic lunch, 6th grade party, 6th grade final ceremony, etc!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I'm so late with this post, but my boy turned seven on April 28th!  

Graham is such a fun kid!  He has a great smile, and he brightens every day with it.  He loves playing outside, playing sports, being with his friends, and mostly hanging out with dad!

He has played baseball and soccer this spring, and he loves them both.

His birthday fell on a Saturday, and we had a fun weekend celebrating him.  We had our usual sports schedule during the day, and then he chose to go to Fuddrucker's for dinner on Saturday night!

We gave him a desk for his room, and he got several thoughtful gifts from his sisters.  

On Sunday night, we had a big family birthday bash for Graham...and Dan!

We cooked barbecue and hung out in our backyard. 

It was a really fun night...including a family game Nuke 'Em.  Look at the strategy!  And especially look at Sydney!

When it was time for presents, Graham was excited to get a harmonica!

He was thrilled to get an x-box too!

Graham loved his birthday weekend, and he is looking forward to his "friend" party in a few weeks.  We loved celebrating #7 with him!!

Friday, April 6, 2018


Clare is 12!  How in the world is that possible?

We celebrated her on several occasions!  We had a dinner at LoLo and Pop's with Nathan, Megan and Brody.  We celebrated with the other side of the family after our Easter egg hunt.  Clare even made her own cake, and it turned out so cute!

Lucky for Clare, her birthday fell on Good Friday this year which meant.....NO SCHOOL!  On Thursday night, our family went to Kobe Steaks.  

Please pardon Sydney and Jane's shenanigans!!

On Friday morning, she woke up to birthday donuts!

We scheduled her party for later that afternoon.  She had five friends come over, and we headed to a trampoline park for a little while

They jumped and then we went back to our house for presents, cake and some time to hang out.

Parties get so much easier as kids get older.  It was so nice!  Clare had a great time, and it was a fun day celebrating her!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


We did Easter in two parts this year.  Our first celebration was at Deedee and Papaw's house with Emme, Grandad, Bryan, Morgan, Morgan and Nick.  The kids were excited to have their first egg hunt!  Deedee made it hard this year by numbering the eggs, and the kids had to find them in order!

Aunt Morgan was there to help find eggs!

Sydney and Graham with Papaw!

Sweet Jane!

On Easter Sunday, the kids woke up and the Easter bunny had delivered baskets!   LoLo and Pop joined us for church, and then we headed back to their house for brunch and an egg hunt.

Many thanks to both sides of the family for all of the Easter fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring Break

Spring break is always such a welcome break from school and sports!  We were lucky this year to have beautiful weather during our week off.  We stayed in town for most of the week, but managed to fill our week with lots of fun activities.

Jane and Sydney had their friend, Lily, spend the night, and we tried dying Easter Eggs in whipped cream.

Sydney and Graham went to the arboretum with Deedee one day, while I took Jane and Clare Easter dress shopping.  They had a beautiful weather and enjoyed being outside all day!

A game of Chopped was requested, and LoLo graciously agreed to be the judge.  Our "chefs" whipped up some creative concoctions.  We were actually surprised at how good they did!

Graham, Sydney and Jane went on a "mini-trip" to the lake with Deedee.  These three love driving the golf cart!

Casey, Clare and I watched a movie. Clare had just read The Hunger Games, so we watched that.  I think Clare is finally starting to believe me that the book is ALWAYS better than the movie....even though we enjoyed the movie.

Our final hoorah was a camping trip!  The six of us loaded up and headed northwest about 45 minutes to Lake Ray Roberts.  We got a new tent for Christmas, and we were anxious to use it.

They had a beach there, and the kids loved it...even though it was freezing.  Graham didn't care!  He went all the way in!

It was a quick, fun, family getaway!

Spring Break 2018 was a good one!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I mentioned in my last post that the younger three started basketball this season.  Jane and Sydney played in the 5th grade division, because a few girls on their team are in 5th grade.  Casey assistant coached the Wildcats, and while the season was fun, they ended up with a 2-6 record.

Regardless of  the team's record, everyone gets to participate in the end of season tournament.  On Saturday, the Wildcats played two games, winning both and beating one team that they had never beaten.  This put them in the championship game on Monday night.  The anticipation of the game was so fun.  You would've thought we were playing for the NBA finals!!!  Casey got in some last-minute teaching with the girls before the game; Graham just got a bonus lesson!

It was an intense game.  At one point the Wildcats were down 6-1.  It was not looking good, but by the beginning of the 4th quarter, we were tied 6-6.  Two more baskets for the Wildcats, one more for the Wings, and the Wildcats won 10-8! They won the championship!

I love that Sydney ran first to her sister!!!

After shaking the other teams hands, it was time for trophies!  Everyone was so excited (and maybe a little shocked!)


I can't say enough good stuff about Casey coaching the team.  I love it!

It was such a fun night, and I am reminded of how fun kid sports can be.  There are so many lessons involved, in winning and losing.  But, it sure was fun to win last night!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Highlights

We were on the receiving end of so many fun Christmas "experiences."  We went to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time, and the kids loved it.  They took full advantage of the place, and were thoroughly wiped out by the end of it!

Next up, we went to see Katy Perry in concert.  This was the kids first real concert, and they were awe-struck.  She put on a great show, and kept it pretty clean!  

I do have to document that Graham fell asleep during the concert.  More than 20,000 screaming fans, and Graham was sawing logs!

We gave Graham tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters for Christmas, and the game was last Saturday.  He and Casey headed out to see all of the antics.  He came home telling his sisters all about some of the players...."Hot Shot," "Handles," "Cheese," and "Dragon!"  

Graham, Jane and Sydney all started basketball this season.  It is a new sport for the three of them.  Jane and Sydney play on the Wildcats, and they are enjoying learning a new sport!

Sydney has scored two baskets, and Jane is proving to be a great ball handler!

Graham's team is called the Thunder, and their games are so fun to watch!  Last week the score was 4-2!

Our last week of January brought Graham's turn to be Student of the Week!  Of course, this requires a poster!

February will bring more basketball, the 100th day of school, Valentine's day, a church retreat for the girls, and who knows what else?!?!