Friday, November 30, 2012

Making The Cut

Last week, I had had it. If Graham was awake, he had his bink in his mouth. It was driving me crazy. I had tried keeping it in his bed, but then he would just stand by his bed and cry for it. 

So, we cut his bink.


 I was nervous. This little guy LOVES his bink. And, we hadn''t ever done this before. Clare, my only other bink lover,  took a pacifier, and we gave hers to the "Bink Fairy." But alas, his only bink had been cut. 

 I am so happy to report that it has worked wonders.  We would give it to him, he would put in his mouth and give it right back to us. He didn't cry, just put it down.  He has no use for it anymore, and I couldn't be happier!  Graham has been going to bed at night without any problems, which was one of my biggest concerns.  Naptime has been more difficult, but it was going south before this happened.

 Isn't it so nice to see his sweet face without that pacifier? 

I am loving it!  An added bonus is lots more "talking" going on. 

There are moments that I feel nostalgic knowing that Graham is my last baby.  Taking the bink away is not a milestone that elicits that feeling.  I am thrilled the days of the pacifier are behind us!

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