Friday, November 30, 2012

Making The Cut

Last week, I had had it. If Graham was awake, he had his bink in his mouth. It was driving me crazy. I had tried keeping it in his bed, but then he would just stand by his bed and cry for it. 

So, we cut his bink.


 I was nervous. This little guy LOVES his bink. And, we hadn''t ever done this before. Clare, my only other bink lover,  took a pacifier, and we gave hers to the "Bink Fairy." But alas, his only bink had been cut. 

 I am so happy to report that it has worked wonders.  We would give it to him, he would put in his mouth and give it right back to us. He didn't cry, just put it down.  He has no use for it anymore, and I couldn't be happier!  Graham has been going to bed at night without any problems, which was one of my biggest concerns.  Naptime has been more difficult, but it was going south before this happened.

 Isn't it so nice to see his sweet face without that pacifier? 

I am loving it!  An added bonus is lots more "talking" going on. 

There are moments that I feel nostalgic knowing that Graham is my last baby.  Taking the bink away is not a milestone that elicits that feeling.  I am thrilled the days of the pacifier are behind us!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Graham's Favorite Spot

Lately, Graham's favorite spot has been the open refrigerator! 

He loves to get lots of stuff out, 

and then take a seat and admire his work!

Looks like he isn't the first one!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Super Turkey

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

We spent the day at Deedee's house with all of Casey's side of the family.  We were even treated to some excellent entertainment, that included songs such as Albuquerque Turkey and Super Turkey.  It was quite a show!

We all stuffed ourselves silly on all of the delicious food.  When we weren't eating, we were craft making, trampoline jumping, movie watching, game playing, and family enjoying.

Many thanks to Deedee and Papaw for hosting such a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our First Feast

Last week we were invited to join these two turkeys for a feast at their preschool!

The girls were proudly wearing their vests and feathers!

Each class had prepared a different part of the meal....and it was delicious!

This little guy enjoyed his share as well.

I am always thankful that Casey makes a point to join us for this annual feast.

It was a great way to kick off our Thanksgiving celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Kitchen Towel

Around our kitchen, I am known for always having a dishtowel tossed over my shoulder.  This quirk of mine annoys Casey to no end.  Whenever he is helping out in the kitchen and looks for the towel, he rolls his eyes when he finds it on my shoulder.  He thinks the towel should be placed in a neutral location so all can use it.

The truth is I come by this naturally.  My mom always has a towel draped over her shoulder when she is the kitchen It is so handy, and you always know right where it is!

So, imagine Casey's chagrin when I texted him this picture:

It's in the genes!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soccer Skills

Jane and Sydney have expressed an interest in soccer.  I am not ready to put them on an actual team until they are at least in kindergarten.  

Meanwhile, Clare has an awesome soccer coach.  He has been so great, and he has a daughter who is a senior in high school and a great soccer player.  So, I hired her to "coach" Jane and Sydney and four other neighborhood kids once a week.  No Saturday games, no need for official sports gear, just a no-pressure introduction to some basic skills. 

While the girls practice, Clare often pretends to be the assistant coach, and this little guy is usually doing something like this:

So far, it has been great. They love it, get some exercise, and they are learning something.  Win, win.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1 1/2

 Graham is 18 months old!

Although he frequently finds himself in situations like this, we all adore him!

  Outside is definitely Graham's favorite place to be.  He runs around and explores as long as we will let him.  If he is indoors, he likes to play ball, wrestle, read books, and watch Jack's Big Music Show. 

Graham is quite the climber. He isn't afraid of anything, although he scares me almost daily.

He has also perfected his own version of the "stink eye."

He has such a fun personality, and he is looking so much older.  He is not talking much, but he is making progress everyday.  He certainly gets his point across!

Hard to believe he is already 18 months old.

I am so thankful for my sweet, easy-going, healthy baby boy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Oh, how I love a good themed costume!!!  Surprisingly, this year my kids went for it!  

Halloween is no longer a one day affair around here. 
We started last week with a little pumpkin patch/petting zoo at Jane and Sydney's preschool.

There were so many cute pumpkins!

Have I ever discussed my dislike of petting zoos?  That's another post, I suppose.

 But, I sure do love this.

Next, we continued Monday night at a fall festival with Brody and Megan.  Brody was slightly unsure about my girls.


This was a super fun night with bounce houses, games, and fun stuff galore.  Check out the scarecrow!

The weather was great and the kids enjoyed the big debut of their costumes.

Well, most of them did.  Graham did not love his costume....and that's putting it mildly. 

Tuesday, scarecrow and Dorothy donned their costumes to school.

At last, Halloween arrived!  I was determined to get one good picture of all four kids in their full costumes. The best laid plans....

He hated that mane.

And my personal favorite.  Not exactly what I envisioned, but a classic anyway.

These three were thrilled with their costumes, and they fully embraced their roles. 

Clare kept saying, "Tin Man needs some oil."

We joined the rest of our neighborhood for some pizza.

 Deedee and Papaw joined us, and then they stayed at our house to hand out candy.

Finally, it was trick-or-treat time!  Graham was a much happier camper in his Halloween t-shirt.

Every year it seems we increase our number of houses.  And, of course, they ended with quite a haul.  

At the end of trick-or-treating and several busy days, it must be said.....there's no place like home!