Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot Springs!!!

We spent a few fun-filled days in Hot Springs with Casey's family. 
Our time was filled with boat riding,
water ballloon dodging,
tube stunting,
 lake relaxing,
fish catching,
pool swimming,
show watching,
no hand holding,
tubing, tubing and more tubing,
and of course, crash landing!
And just for old time's sake, here's a look at how times have changed.
Hot Springs in 2009
Hot Springs in 2015
And one more.....Hot Springs 2008 (Jane on the left)
And this year!
Great memories.....and another great trip!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Camps, One Week


Last week was a busy week for my girls!  As one of Clare's birthday gifts, she got a week at Pine Cove in the City!  The week finally arrived, and she loved it. 
Clare had a great counselor, "Snaps," and she looked forward to it everyday.  She enjoyed all of the activities....euro bungee, water Twister, and all of the water slides!
They did Bible studies each week and learned about different heroes of the Bible.
Her counselor had some very nice things to say about Clare at the end of the week.  She said Clare is helpful, puts people at ease, and is very grateful.  It's always nice to hear other people say nice things about your kids!
It was fun week for her, and I am so thankful that she got to experience it!
Meanwhile, Jane and Sydney were participating in their second Missoula Children's Theater camp.  This year the play was Blackbeard the Pirate, and Jane and Sydney were cast as parrots.
 Missoula runs such a great camp.  It is a well-oiled machine, and the girls loved it!  They both had a few lines, and sang several songs....that they continue to sing.....  "Pretty bird, the kind you like to meet....."
With the girls in camp, Graham and I had some time to ourselves.  We had fun together and managed to get lost in the minions!!
It was a fun week for all! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Fourth

Mamma hopped in with Mom and Dad on their trip home from Colorado, so the kids got to spend some time with their great-grandmother on the weekend of the Fourth!
On the actual holiday, we went to Nathan's house for swimming and burgers.  Brody and Megan were out of town, but the kids had no trouble making themselves at home!  They were thoroughly enthralled with this giant flamingo!
We never got Mamma on the flamingo, but I think she enjoyed watching the kids swim and flip!
My four on the Fourth!

It was fun weekend filled with family, fireworks and flamingos!