Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post O' Pictures

Sydney-left, Jane-right

Jane-left, Sydney-right

Sydney on bottom

Sydney (and Elmo)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Calls for a Hallelujah!

What a great Sunday! We took everyone to church this morning, and there were NO tears...and we even stayed for class! All three girls did great. If I could only get Clare to whisper, we would be smooth sailing.

The even bigger shocking event occurred after we got home. All five of us got to take a decent nap, sans interruptions! Miracles do happen!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Biggest Surprise, Part 2

Remembering the events surrounding the time in which we found out we were having twins and sharing the news to everyone. Read the beginning here.

After a couple of minutes or so, she looked up and said, "OK" and then she paused. The pause was long enough for me to start worrying. I thought something was wrong. Finally, she continued with "I see twins."

There are no words to describe the feeling at that moment. I could not believe it. Casey and I were both speechless. I am so thankful that Casey was with me. If I remember correctly, I just started laughing because I didn't know what else to do.

We didn't have long for the news to sink in before we got down to business. Almost immediately, my doctor came in to talk with us. She informed us that she had thought twins were a possibility based on my exam just minutes before (I'll spare you the "feminine details!) Among other things, she discussed the possibility of a "vanishing twin." Occasionally, on early sonograms there will be two sacs, and then at later sonograms, only one will remain. Since I was only seven weeks along, she advised that we keep the news to ourselves until I was closer to 12 weeks. We sat in her office for quite a while discussing all things twins. I was having trouble forming any intelligent sounding questions, because I was still reeling from the news!

When we left the doctor, Casey headed back to work. It was a Thursday, and the one day of the week that I was working. I went to the office and did therapy for the afternoon. Those clients should probably get a refund because my head was not in it! That afternoon, I called two people. One was a former coworker who had toddler twins and then a single baby within the span of 17 months. The other a friend from grad school. I had told Casey that I would only tell those two people. I needed someone other than Casey to discuss this with, or I was going to drive him crazy!!!

My parents spend the summers in Colorado, and they had already left for the summer. I knew that I couldn't break this news over the phone, and we were headed up there the week of July 4th. We decided we would wait to tell our families until this week. Coincidentally, I would also be 12 weeks during our vacation. That was over four weeks away! It was tough to keep such a big secret for that long.

Over those next few weeks, the news gradually started to sink in. I couldn't believe it. Neither Casey nor I have twins in our families. We never thought it was a possibility that we would have twins. I was nervous about the pregnancy and increasingly worried about how this would affect Clare. Not only was she going to be a big sister, she was going to be the big sister of twins. I was ready to tell our families, but also wanted to get to a point where we were out of the danger zone. Each week that passed was one week closer to the big reveal!

I had another doctor's appointment when I was eleven weeks pregnant, the week before we left for Colorado. We had decided to tell Casey's family before we left. I dropped Clare off at my in-laws (told them I had an eye doctor's appointment), and Casey met me at the doctor. I was very anxious to have another sonogram and ensure that there were TWO healthy babies! As much as we hadn't planned for these babies, they were already a part of our family.

During the sonogram, they saw two healthy, strong heartbeats. Hallelujah! We met with the doctor again, and she gave us the go-ahead to spread the word! I was more than ready.

Casey followed me to his Dad and Mary's house, where Clare had been playing. Scotty and Mary weren't planning on Casey being with me, so I am sure they thought that was odd. We went in, sat on the couch and told them the news. Of course, they were shocked! It was fun to start telling, and I was ready to continue spreading the news.

Next up, Casey's mom and Dan. We decided we would drive to their house that evening after Casey got off of work. Little did we know they already knew! Over the past few weeks, Casey had been interviewing for a new job within his company. This job would allow him to remain in Dallas for the next couple of years. With our new development(s), we thought this was critical. Long story short, a relative of Dan's who works for Casey's company told Dan our news that very same day. However, we didn't know that when we got to their house.

So we walk in and Casey says, "We have some news. Hayley is pregnant with twins!" They were excited, of course, but I remember thinking they weren't as shocked as they should have been. Later in the evening, we discovered all of the events that had transpired that day. Now, I understood why they weren't 'jaw-on-the-floor' surprised.

All of this happened on a Tuesday, and we left for Colorado on Friday. We picked up my grandmother on Friday night, and she traveled with us on Saturday. We had to keep it a secret for 10 hours on Saturday, never saying a word about it. I was secretly sneaking snacks in the car because I was always starving, but she never suspected anything.

We arrived in Colorado, where my brother and sister-in-law already were. I had previously told Casey that he needed to make our announcement early because I couldn't keep it quiet much longer. He took me literally! We pulled up to the cabin and walked out onto the deck. Casey immediately said, "We have some news. I got a new job. We are staying in Dallas. Hayley is pregnant, and we are having twins." (My mom still laughs about how quickly he said all of this.) I thought my mom and my grandmother were going to pass out. They were as shocked as I was. We got out the sonogram pictures for "proof."

All of our family knew, and I was now free to call my friends. The reactions were varied from "Congratulations," to "I don't believe you." After some convincing, everyone believed me and was very excited.

I loved sharing our news with everyone we loved. It was such an exciting time. After we told everyone, it definitely seemed more real. Now, looking at my almost five month-old baby girls, I am so thankful it was "real."

(Sydney-left; Jane-right; both a little blurry)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clare Morgan

A few random things about Clare....

We were at church on Sunday, and Clare was sitting on my Mom's lap. The preacher had started the sermon. It was very quiet and out of the blue, Clare says, "Clare tooted." Lovely.

On Saturday, Casey and I both went to get Clare out of her crib. When we walked in she said, "Everybody!"

She has started saying, "Here we go, alligator." She has heard people say "Here we go" and "See you later, alligator." Guess she is getting a little confused.

She is obsessed with snacks. She wants one ALL of the time!! Sometimes she will ask for a snack while she is eating a meal! This drives me crazy! We are starting a new schedule of one snack in the morning and one snack in the afternoon.

When Clare is doing something silly or something she shouldn't be, she'll say "What's Clare doing?"

Since her birthday, she has been singing Happy Birthday all of the time. She thinks it is so funny to say it is somebody's birthday when it isn't. She'll sing "Happy Birthday to Daddy." And then just crack up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Special Birthday Message

Happy Birthday, Mamma! We hope you have a great birthday on Sunday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Hey, I know you!"

"I love ice cream!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Sleep, I Miss You

The girls all had colds last week, which has resulted in a few steps backwards in the twins' sleeping progress. They were waking up once at night, but now are waking up twice. They are four and a half months old...they should be sleeping through the night, or at the very least waking up only once!!! And, to make matters worse, I was reading a blog of a mom with quads and she said all of her kids were sleeping for 12 hours straight at four months old. Whatever.

At least they are cute while asleep. (Sydney)

And while awake.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Biggest Surprise

I am a planner. I like to know what's going on, who's going to be there, and when it is going to start. So when I found out I was pregnant on May 7, 2007, I was thrown for a serious loop. Casey and I had planned on having another baby but not so soon. Clare was only 13 months old! We thought we would wait until she was closer to two before we really started thinking about baby number two.

Back to May 7.... Immediately after discovering I was pregnant, my thoughts went to Clare. I was worried about how she would react. And honestly, I wasn't ready to divide my time between her and another baby. Of course I was excited, but foolishly, I wasn't sure how I could love another baby as much as I loved her.

Casey and I decided that we wouldn't share our news for a little while. I was only four or five weeks pregnant, and we wanted to get used to the idea ourselves before we spread the word. I had a doctor's appointment a few weeks later, and we wanted to wait until we knew everything was OK.

During the next couple of weeks, life continued. I was totally exhausted, but thought that was just the result of being pregnant with a very active toddler nipping at my heels. I was sicker than I was with Clare, but chalked that up to the normal first trimester yuck. My sister-in-law came into town and while she was here, she announced to our family that she and my brother were expecting their first first nephew! Her due date was one week after mine. I was so excited for them, and I became very anxious to share my news.

I had my first doctor's appointment on May 31, 2007, when I was seven weeks pregnant. At first, Casey didn't think he would be able to go with me, but thankfully at the last minute, he was able to meet me. I thought this doctor's appointment would simply consist of a sonogram and a "yes, you are pregnant," from the doctor. I didn't know that the biggest surprise of my life was about to be revealed.

The appointment began with an exam from my doctor and then moved on to a sonogram. I was laying on the ultrasound table and Casey was sitting next to me. The technician squirted that nasty jelly stuff on my belly and began looking around. She was quiet for a while, but I didn't think anything of it. After a couple of minutes or so, she looked up and said, "OK" and then she paused. The pause was long enough for me to start worrying. I thought something was wrong. Finally, she continued with "I see twins."

To be continued......

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Day in Numbers, 2nd Edition

2...number of smiles in this picture (Syd-left, Jane-right)

3...number of runny noses in our house

50...estimated number of tissues used today

30...number of fingernails clipped today

8:00...time of Casey's softball game, which meant he missed helping with bedtime, but also that I got to watch The Bachelor without competing with the basketball game!

12 lbs. 9 oz....what Jane weighed at her 4 month appointment

12 lbs. 1 oz....Sydney's weight

0...number of highchairs at our table for our anniversary was great!

5:30...time that Clare put on real clothes today (one of those days), only so she could go to the park with her Daddy

4...weeks until I get to meet my nephew!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Through the Years

On Saturday, Casey and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary. We met in 1994 during our sophomore year of high school in Mrs. Thomas' chemistry class. We started dating when we were 15!

Here we are at our first dance together. Homecoming in 1994. Don't you love the way I am standing?

Homecoming our junior year....we had been dating about a year.

Casey and I broke up during our senior year of high school. We got back together our senior year of college. This picture was taken sometime during "round 2" of dating. I am not exactly sure where we were or what we were doing, but I like the picture.

We got engaged on October 12, 2002 on the 50 yard line of Eagle-Mustang Stadium. We had a short engagement, just shy of six months, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I had such a great time planning our wedding, and I was so excited about starting our life together.

Here is one of our official engagement pictures.

April 5, of the best days of my life. It is so fun to be at a celebration full of people who love you. Recently, I found a card that I had given Casey on our wedding day. In it, I had written, "If I could pick one word that best describes how I feel today, it would be 'lucky.'"

Now, five years and three healthy kids later, I can honestly say I feel the same way. Multiplied by a million.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here's the Latest

Here's what's new with our crew:

  • We took her for her two year check-up on Monday. She weighs 32 lbs and is 37 inches tall. Those stats place her in the 95th and 99th percentiles. Where did she get that height???
  • She continues to talk up a storm. Last night I counted a six word sentence!
  • She is loving her new sand table that she got for her birthday. She also still loves her play-doh and doing anything outside.
  • She is doing great without her pacifier, although she still gets it to sleep.
  • She is timid around people that she isn't familiar with and it usually takes her a while to warm up to new people. However, once you're "in," you're "in" for life!
  • She knows her colors, all of her family members, most of the numbers from 1-10, and a few letters.
The twins will be four months old on Friday. I'll post their stats after their appointment.

Jane in purple, Sydney in yellow

  • She continues to be my easiest baby yet. She is most often content and easy-going.
  • She takes her pacifier and is napping well.
  • Jane has started to laugh a little and has a very sweet smile.
  • Her eyes are the darkest of all three of my girls. I think Casey's brown eyes may have gotten through to Miss Jane.
  • Sydney rolled from her tummy to her back yesterday!
  • My latest concern with her is that she won't take a bottle. She nurses great, but won't have anything to do with a bottle. Any suggestions????
  • She is snuggly and pretty content---when she is being held!
  • She is a cat-napper. She sleeps for about 45 minutes at a time. I am working on this one!
Both girls are typically waking up once during the night, usually around 3 or 4. They are cooing all of the time and are more expressive everyday. Now that flu season is over, we are going to start venturing out more often. I am sure these outings will warrant many blog postings!

Here are a few pics of Clare "playing " with the twins.