Friday, February 19, 2016

Presidents, Piano and Parks

The kids were out of school last Monday for President's Day! Deedee offered to take us to Adventure Landing, and we were excited.  Clare's excitement continued when she hit the jackpot on this arcade game and won 1,000 tickets!

They just kept coming!

We also played miniature golf.  Graham shot three holes in one!

The Go-Karts were a big hit.  We did a few partner rides,

and then Clare was tall enough to take off on her own! Watch out drivers!!

Graham, Jane, and Sydney drove the smaller version, and they loved it. The weather was so beautiful, and it was nice to be outdoors to take advantage of it!

Clare continues to play piano.  In fact, she has her first recital in a couple of weeks.  Her lessons are on Thursdays, and LoLo usually takes her. This week, it was up to me, and since I had the younger three with me, we snuck off to the park during her lesson. The weather has been so warm, and the kids are loving it!

Three little monkeys swinging on the rings....

Graham has always loved being outside!

I love this picture. Jane is such a sweet big sister. She takes her role seriously, and Graham knows he can count on her to be nice.

 Some fun-filled days this February!