Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Before Christmas

I have truly dropped the ball lately on documenting December.  We did some really great stuff, and I want to remember it all. 
Frank was up to his usual antics this year, including decorating the kids' pictures with a dry erase marker!!
Of course, we had to go look at Christmas lights wearing pajamas and drinking cocoa!
We played a Christmas version of Minute To Win It!  Big fun!  In this challenge, you have to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.
This challenge had everyone trying to hook candy canes to get them into the jar....without using your hands, of course!
In this game, we had to see if we could get a cotton ball to stick to a tiny dot of Vaseline on our noses....without our hands.

Of course, we did our traditional Christmas Cookie Chaos!

My kids love cookie day! 

We're a pretty well-oiled machine after so many years!

During the week of Christmas, we hit the lanes for our annual bowling event!

Graham was happy with this roll!


Sydney, not so much!

On a more serious note, we went to a candlelight service at our church, and Graham was mesmerized.  I look forward to this service every year!
We had some really beautiful, unseasonably warm weather here before Christmas.  The kids enjoyed the week off of school and played outside a lot.  I asked them to act out the nativity story, and this is what they put together.  I was thoroughly impressed!

While the warm weather continued, we visited some parks and enjoyed being outside. Please note the shorts and tshirts.  This was on December 23rd!  Crazy Texas weather!
On Christmas Eve Eve, Mamma and Jennifer flew in.  We had everyone over for dinner and the kids did their traditional caroling.  We played a few games, and it was a nice way to kick off the holidays.  Next up, the festivities begin!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Center Stage!

It turns out we have quite the little family of performers!!!

Clare, Jane, and Sydney participated in the Christmas musical, Wrapping All the Way,  at our church. 

They have been practicing since September, and last Sunday was the big debut!  Jane and Sydney were in the chorus, and Clare played the role of Sparky.  Graham isn't quite old enough to participate....but trust me, he knew every word!

(Just a funny little story...they performed a little sneak peek at church on Sunday morning, and after Sydney was done, she walked back into the classroom and said "Nailed it!"  At least she's confident!)
So many of our family members came out to watch the musical, and it meant so much to my girls.  They all did great, and it was so fun to see their hard work pay off!

On Tuesday, Graham's preschool class put on the The Nativity Story and he was the innkeeper. 

He had one line, and he delivered it flawlessly...."there is no room at the inn."
Loved seeing him looking over at me and grinning.

You can watch it here:
It was so fun watching my kids perform this Christmas season.  I was so proud of all of them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Eight

Jane and Sydney decided to have a Crazy Eight birthday party this year.  The invitation instructed their friends to come wearing their clothes inside out, backwards, anything crazy! 
First, the girls made a nametag with their names backward.
We ate cake and ice cream before we ate pizza!  Of course the cake had to be crazy!


We sang "Happy Birthday" backwards to Jane and Sydney!  This took some practice!
We played a few games, including drawing on top of our heads!

It was a loud, crazy party....just the way my girls like it!
Part of Jane and Sydney's birthday present was going to get their first pedicure.  So, after church on Sunday afternoon, we went for it!

They both thoroughly enjoyed the massage chairs!! 
It was a fun birthday weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Jane and Sydney have known for a while that they can get their ears pierced when they turn 8.  We threw them a little curve ball, and decided to take them a week early!  It was a family affair, and everyone was excited.
Sydney was nominated to go first, because Jane was feeling a little squeamish.  Syd was a little nervous too, but she decided she was ready!

She was so pleased with herself after it was done!!

I love these pictures of her telling me how it felt!


Daddy is checking out the new bling!

Next it was Jane's turn.  She picked some small silver balls, and was nervous, but ready!

Marking the spot!

All done! 

So proud of my big girls! 


They were excited to have them done and show them off at their big family party!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

 Thanksgiving Day brought us Aunt Jennifer and Mamma from Lubbock.  We were excited to see them!
And we're always excited to hang with our cousin, Brody!
The day was filled with great food, selfies,
 lego building,
tinker toys,
and some Old Maid shenanigans between Graham and LoLo.
We also made gingerbread houses!


 It was a fun and filling day!