Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Oh, how I love a good themed costume!!!  Surprisingly, this year my kids went for it!  

Halloween is no longer a one day affair around here. 
We started last week with a little pumpkin patch/petting zoo at Jane and Sydney's preschool.

There were so many cute pumpkins!

Have I ever discussed my dislike of petting zoos?  That's another post, I suppose.

 But, I sure do love this.

Next, we continued Monday night at a fall festival with Brody and Megan.  Brody was slightly unsure about my girls.


This was a super fun night with bounce houses, games, and fun stuff galore.  Check out the scarecrow!

The weather was great and the kids enjoyed the big debut of their costumes.

Well, most of them did.  Graham did not love his costume....and that's putting it mildly. 

Tuesday, scarecrow and Dorothy donned their costumes to school.

At last, Halloween arrived!  I was determined to get one good picture of all four kids in their full costumes. The best laid plans....

He hated that mane.

And my personal favorite.  Not exactly what I envisioned, but a classic anyway.

These three were thrilled with their costumes, and they fully embraced their roles. 

Clare kept saying, "Tin Man needs some oil."

We joined the rest of our neighborhood for some pizza.

 Deedee and Papaw joined us, and then they stayed at our house to hand out candy.

Finally, it was trick-or-treat time!  Graham was a much happier camper in his Halloween t-shirt.

Every year it seems we increase our number of houses.  And, of course, they ended with quite a haul.  

At the end of trick-or-treating and several busy days, it must be said.....there's no place like home!


Nathan said...

Graham the man is hilarious. Best sad face ever.

Misty said...

Oh my goodness! I love the Wizard of Oz and you did a great job with those costumes! I love it :)