Sunday, September 20, 2015

Catch Up!

 We have settled into the school year quite nicely!  The girls are all enjoying school and liking their teachers.  Graham loves preschool and being in the 4's class.  His teachers frequently tout the advantages of being the "top dog" on campus, and Graham is embracing the role!  I am working at the preschool in the two's class, and I enjoy seeing this little man throughout the day! 
The kids' activities keep us busy after school.  Despite efforts to avoid the "busyness," it seems to have caught up with us!  Jane and Sydney are playing soccer and participating in rehearsals for a Christmas program at church.  Clare is swimming and just started piano lessons.  She will join in the church program rehearsals next month.  Graham is thoroughly enjoying his first soccer season.   One of my biggest struggles as a mother is balancing my desire for my kids to be active, well-rounded kids who get to try lots of different activities with my inclination to let them have free time and just "be kids."  Not to mention eating dinner together as a family.....a high priority on my list!  It's amazing how quickly the afternoons fill up!  For now, we're enjoying all of our activities, and I am beyond thankful that Casey is around to help out so much!