Tuesday, May 22, 2018

6th Grade Celebrations

Clare is 7 days away from being done with elementary school.  After seven years at the same school, I think she is ready is move on ,but there is a definitely a bitter sweetness to it all.  The end of school brings lots of celebrations, and especially at the end of 6th grade!

First, I let Clare stay home for one day....a "6th grade skip day." so to speak.  We had a really fun day together.  

We headed out for our day!

We went shopping,

got our toes done,

  went for lunch and then planted some flowers.  

It was a special day with my oldest girl. 

Our church had a special blessing for the 6th graders.  We had a nice dinner, and then the parents read a letter of blessing over their child.  

I knew I wouldn't be able to get through reading a letter to Clare, so thankfully, Casey fulfilled the task.  We are so proud of her, and I just can't believe that she is going to middle school.


It was a nice evening with our church group. Next week, we have the 6th grade party and a celebration program at school!  Then, summer will be upon us!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So Many Things....

A quick look through my phone shows that I've missed posting on so many things....

Graham styled his hair in a mohawk for "glow in the dark" day.

Jane and Sydney are playing on the Sassy Spikers.  I think Syd would make a great mascot.  Sassy spiker, indeed!

Casey and I celebrated our 15th anniversary!  Man, time flies....

We had a church volunteer celebration at Top Golf.  The kids (and the parents) had a great time!

Clare had her end of year band concert.  The improvement from the beginning of the year was remarkable!  She has decided not to play next year in middle school.

While we're discussing middle school, Clare applied to be on the yearbook staff.  She has to create a mock page and fill out a pretty extensive application! 

She did a really great job, and we were so excited for her when she was selected!

Graham loves playing with friends after school.  I love their cute smiles!

I found this letter in Graham's school folder.  It says:  "Dear Dak Prescott, I know that you're sad because Dez got fired and Jason retired and Ryan got traded.  I know it's sad. But thank goodness you didn't get traded or fired.  From your biggest fan, Graham Eoff."

Now, we are wrapping up school...only 10 more days!  So many things left to do...field day, snow cones at school, picnic lunch, 6th grade party, 6th grade final ceremony, etc!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I'm so late with this post, but my boy turned seven on April 28th!  

Graham is such a fun kid!  He has a great smile, and he brightens every day with it.  He loves playing outside, playing sports, being with his friends, and mostly hanging out with dad!

He has played baseball and soccer this spring, and he loves them both.

His birthday fell on a Saturday, and we had a fun weekend celebrating him.  We had our usual sports schedule during the day, and then he chose to go to Fuddrucker's for dinner on Saturday night!

We gave him a desk for his room, and he got several thoughtful gifts from his sisters.  

On Sunday night, we had a big family birthday bash for Graham...and Dan!

We cooked barbecue and hung out in our backyard. 

It was a really fun night...including a family game Nuke 'Em.  Look at the strategy!  And especially look at Sydney!

When it was time for presents, Graham was excited to get a harmonica!

He was thrilled to get an x-box too!

Graham loved his birthday weekend, and he is looking forward to his "friend" party in a few weeks.  We loved celebrating #7 with him!!