Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Man, I love a three-day weekend!  The extra day, the following short week, Casey home for three days in a row...I love it all!

We started our weekend by taking the kids on an "adventure!"  We didn't tell them where we were going, we just loaded up and started driving.  After several guesses, the kids figured out that we were headed to Deedee and Papaw's lake house for the day!

We started our lake time with some fishing.  We didn't have great luck, but we caught a couple!

They played hard ALL DAY long....including coloring masks, arts and crafts, swimming in a little pool, playing with new friends, and just being outside all day!

The rock pile was a huge hit as well!

It was a super fun day, and we left with tired, sweaty, exhausted kids!

On Sunday, we took it easy.  We went to the pool, ran a couple of errands, and Casey cooked some delicious ribs.  On Monday morning, we headed over to Nathan and Megan's house for a pool day.  It was raining on the drive down, but thankfully it passed.  After lunch, the kids took advantage of the pool.  They swam for hours!

 We did a little early Father's Day and Megan's birthday celebrating with presents and cookie cake.  The cousins love playing with each other, and swimming is no exception.  

Memorial Day was a fun-filled weekend, and we had the tired kids to prove it!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun Facts on my Favorite Four

Graham is the funniest little guy.   He LOVES to be outside, especially if someone is willing to push him on the swing.  He loves swimming and continues to be fearless of the water.  He is all boy, constantly throwing a ball, swinging a sword, or running through the house.  On the flip side, he loves to watch TV.  His favorite shows are Paw Patrol, Wallykazam, and Peppa Pig.  He naps occasionally, but for the most part he just has some 'rest' in the afternoon.  I think he is excited for his sisters to be home for summer...mostly.

 Miss Jane is cruising right along through kindergarten.  I think she is excited about summer, but she is loving school.  I think she is a teacher's dream....never crossing the line.  She is always coloring, writing notes, or giving a hug.  Casey ran to Target for something, and he brought home some cereal that I typically don't buy. Jane sad, "I need to write Daddy a thank you note for that cereal."  She has such a tender heart, which means she can get her feelings hurt easily.  I am excited to spend the summer with this girl!

 This picture is so great of Sydney.  She is fun, social, energetic and the life of the party.  She is also sassy and fiercely independent!  She loves to be around her friends.  At the Mother's Day Tea Party, she noticed some neighbors outside the window.  She pulls open the blinds, allowing the sun to blind all of our guests....just so she could see our neighbors riding their bikes, hoping they would get a glimpse of her.  Because of her social penchant, she loves school.  She spends recess racing the boys, and proclaims that she is a fast runner. She has done great in her kindergarten class, never getting her folder signed!  Sydney will make summer fun!

Clare is growing up so quickly!  She has some great observations about things, she listens intently to grown-up conversations, and she never forgets a thing!  She has enjoyed her newly-pierced ears, and we have graduated to changing them on a weekly basis until we're convinced that they are 100% healed.  Her latest obsession has been Dancing With The Stars, watching the dances over and over and over. Second grade has been good to Clare, and she was named 'student of the week' four times this year.  She is smart, clever, and dramatic!

Summer's coming!  Twelve more days until the girls are out!  We're ready!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

2nd Annual Mother's Day Tea

We hosted our second Mother's Day Tea yesterday morning.  We changed it up a bit and went with a brunch theme.

We served quiche, cheese blintzes, green salad, fruit salad, almond tea, coffee, mimosas and strawberry shortcake! The girls helped make (almost) all of the food this year.

We hosted all of our grandmothers....Emme, Deedee, and LoLo.

I always enjoy getting our the china and crystal and making this a a "fancy" event.  We talk about using our best manners and etiquette.  This next picture cracks me up....you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make her drink!

It was a fun morning, and I hope our grandmothers know how much we appreciate them!

Monday, May 5, 2014

We've Been....

...enjoying our first dip in the (heated) pool!

...taking advantage of the "tattoo artist" at Daddy's work picnic.

...selecting the two nicest "tattoos" available!

...participating in a heated foot race!

..getting used to a new retainer!

Five more weeks of school!  We are counting down!