Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soccer Stars

Soccer season has begun, and there's a new player in town!
After cheering the Diamonds on for several seasons, Graham has decided to join forces with the Bears and try out his own skills!  Today was the season opener for both teams.
Casey continues to coach the Diamonds.  Jane and Syd gave it their all, but they couldn't get the win today.  There are several new players on the team this year, so they are all still getting used to each other!
Graham's debut was a good one! 
The Bears dominated the other team, and Graham even scored a goal!
Watching my kids do something for the first time is always fun. When they enjoy it as much as Graham enjoyed scoring his first goal, it's an added bonus. 
When he was playing, he would make this strange "fish face."  Not sure what's up with that!!
It's sure to be a fun season cheering on the Bears and the Diamonds!



Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School!

 Another first day of school has come and gone!  These three were up and at 'em this morning and ready to start a new year!
Can't believe Clare is in 4th grade!  None of her really good friends in her class, but she's excited about her teacher and the opportunity to make new friends.
Jane was quiet as she walked in to her second grade class, but reported that she has a good day.  She gave it a nine out of ten!  Jane has several good friends in her class, and her teacher has twin girls that are in high school! 
This little wallflower was excited to see her friends!  She waltzed right in and picked up where she left off last June.  Sydney has a new teacher this year, and I am hopeful for a great second grade year!
Graham has a couple of weeks before he starts school (and I'm going to be teaching at his preschool too!), so we're going to make the most of these extra weeks of "summer."  You can see here that he was really devastated that his sisters went back to school!
Here's to a great school year!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Colorado 2015

We just returned from our annual trip to Colorado! Nathan, Megan and Brody were there with us too, which made for lots of cousin fun!
 Every few years I like to get a pic of Jane in front of this sign.  Her own little spot in the world.....not a bad spot!
One day, we went up to Mt. Crested Butte and took advantage of all of the fun activities....rock climbing, bag jump, bungee trampoline, and riding the ski lift to the top. 
Graham got some serious air on the bungee trampoline!
But check out Jane on the bag jump!
And Clare too!
The ski lift was a big hit!
Of course, we did a little fishing while we there too!
Check out this whopper!
Clare got a private lesson in jam making! 
On our last day we went on  a hike to Judd Falls.  It was a fun hike that ended with a beautiful waterfall! I didn't get many pictures because I was afraid Graham was going to fall in!!!  But I did get this goofy one of Nathan!
We also tie dyed pillow cases, painted with leaves, rode four wheelers, and ate a ton of good meals! Many thanks to Mom and Dad for a week filled with fun activities!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kool Kids

Because they caught me in a weak moment; because it's summer and we're running out of things to do;because sometimes it's just fun to say "yes"....I let my girls dip dye their hair in cherry Kool-Aid.

After a little reading on the Internet, it was unclear how long this stuff will stay in their hair.  Some websites said about a week. But one said up to EIGHT  months.  So before we began, I laid out the groundwork.....if it hasn't washed out before school starts, we are cutting it off. The girls were in agreement, so the dying began!
You boil the Kool-Aid, and then just dip as much of your hair as you want colored. I'm shocked at how vibrant the color turned out.

The girls loved the results.  I wish I had video of them flipping their hair around.   They felt very "teenagerish!"
We're three days in, and it has faded quite a bit, so we'll see what happens!  Time will tell!