Sunday, May 7, 2017

Graham is SIX!

Graham had quite a sixth birthday!  His actual birthday fell on a Friday this year, and luckily enough, a field trip was planned for that day.  So, he and I, and about 100 other kindergarteners spent the day at the aquarium.

For his birthday dinner, he picked "chicken pop pie."  While he was opening his gifts, he said, "I just feel so happy!"  ❤  We gave him a saucer swing that he has since named Dragon.  Dragon has already gotten lots of use!

His "friend party" was a couple of days later in our backyard.  He wanted a bounce house and baseball.  Easy enough.  We had a bunch of boys over. They played in the backyard,

hit a piñata,

jumped in the bounce house,

ate some cupcakes,

and went home tired with Cracker Jacks and a baseball.

After the party, the rest of our family came over and had dinner to celebrate our birthday boy.  He raked it in with some great gifts, and I think he felt totally "birthdayed." 

Happy #6 Graham!

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