Monday, April 3, 2017

Eleven Things about Clare

I still owe Clare an "All About Me" post, so I thought I'd do eleven things about Clare.

1.  Clare just started playing volleyball this season.  She plays for a team called the Blue Bumpers, and so far, she seems to be enjoying it!  She's not crazy about the serving part though, because she doesn't like everyone looking at her.

2.  She also still swims.  She swims twice a week on a non-competitive swim team. 

3.  Clare does great in school.  She is never a problem behaviorally, and she makes excellent grades.  Right now, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up....which will make good use of her sometimes bossy personality.

4.  Her best friend's name is Payton.  She gave Clare a "best friends" necklace for her birthday.

5.  She loves to bake.  Thankfully, she's gotten pretty good at it, and can make some useful things around here.  Most often, she makes us banana nut muffins!  She also likes watching shows like "Kids Baking Challenge" and "Worst Cooks in America."

6.  She doesn't like Mexican food. I know, I know.  It's almost enough to make me disown her.  She loves Italian and Chinese food.  One of these days, she'll learn.

7.  She's dying to get a dog.  It's not happening, but it doesn't stop her from talking about it all the time.

8.  She has a beautiful smile.

9.  She is persistent to a fault.  I often call her "the woodpecker," because she will "peck" me to death about wanting to do something.

10.  Clare is currently obsessed with making slime, along with the rest of the tweens in America.  I have banned slime and all slime production at my house.  Eww.

11.  She is a sweet, responsible, and kind girl.  She makes Casey and I very proud.  She is growing up before my eyes, and I know before I blink, she'll be heading off to college.  I need to savor every moment!

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chelsea said...

Sweet girl NEEDS A DOG!