Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

Easter traditions held true, and we started our festivities at Deedee and Papaw's.  Pictures were required before any egg hunting began!

We were joined by Emme, Grandad, Morgan and Bryan, and Morgan and Nick.  Deedee upped the ante this year by numbering the eggs and having the kids bring them back in order.  They ate up the new twist, and they were all eventually successful!

The kids got some cool gifts, including this sequined pillow! 

We had a great meal, and then the kids enjoyed their first dip of the season!

On Sunday, we woke up to see what the Easter bunny had left.  Then, we  put on our Sunday best and went down to Nathan and Megan's house. 

My Easter peeps!

LoLo, Pop and Aunt Jennifer met us there, and we all went to church together.  It was great to be at church together on Easter Sunday.

I love this picture of all five kids...and Zeke!

Everyone was excited that Jennifer came to visit!


Of course, another egg hunt ensued and a wonderful meal.  We had two great days with family, and we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. 

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