Saturday, April 1, 2017

Clare is 11!

Clare turned eleven last week! We celebrated her birthday in several different ways.  We started with a family party last weekend.

Look at the excitement on Clare's face about one of her gifts.  She got lots of great stuff...a new bike, an Echo Dot, some new shoes, and some fun art supplies.  She was a happy girl!

She picked a salted caramel chocolate cake, and I was happy to oblige! 

 On her actual birthday, we started the day with pancakes.  Of course, I had to snap a few pics on the actual day!

She picked the menu for dinner that night, and we had lasagna and opened presents.  Her "friend" party was the next day, and she wanted to make her own birthday cake.  She did a great job, even surprising herself.  She kept saying, "I didn't know I was good at this!"

Clare decided a while ago that she wanted to do a "Cupcake Wars" birthday party.  She even presented us with a power point presentation on how it would all work. 

We tweaked a few of the details, but went with her plan.  Her guests arrived, and we started making cupcake bath bombs!  The great thing about eleven year olds is that they are so independent.  They knocked out a bunch of bath bombs in no time!

Next up, the girls ate pizza and cake.  Clare was proud to show off the "zebra cake" that she made!

Then, it was finally time for cupcakes.  We needed decorators to get all of these cupcakes beautiful!

Round one's challenge was to make your best emoji cupcake!

Round two...make three identical cupcakes.

The third round required the girls to decorate something from nature.

And the fourth was to make their very best.

Jane, Sydney and Graham were the judges and awarded the winner of each round with a small prize.  We did presents after that, and then called it a night! 

Phew...that was a lot of pictures.  Can't believe she is eleven! 

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