Monday, February 13, 2017


Sydney is up next!  

There are so many adjectives that describe Sydney...funny, ornery, smart, energetic, mischievous, strong-willed, witty, brave and confident! 

Sydney is on the move.  She is almost always doing cartwheels, dancing, or at the very  least, talking ninety miles a minute!  She is a social animal, and always up to hang with friends.  She is the life of the party, and loves to be in the spotlight.  This picture of her cracks me up.....dancing, wearing a leotard, while waiting to run during a game of kickball.

Right now, Sydney is playing soccer and doing gymnastics.  She is very athletic, and would love to play some other sports, but our limit is two activities at a time.  She has a knack for all things active and usually picks up new skills pretty quickly.

There are so many different things that make this girl tick!  She has strong opinions about most things, including food.  Sydney is my pickiest eater.  She doesn't try new foods easily, and would honestly prefer to eat flour tortillas at every meal.  Syd is a conscientious student.  I love that she wants to knock out her homework as soon as she gets home....a girl after my own heart.  One of my favorite things about Sydney is her confidence.  She will talk to anyone and is willing to try new things.  Admittedly, at times she is a bit over-confident and gets a little too big for her britches.  Nonetheless, I think this confidence will benefit her in the long run.

Sydney has a clipboard that says "She tried going with the flow.  It was the longest minute of her life."  That sums up Sydney Scott!  She is one-of-a-kind, and I am thankful that she's mine!

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Deedee said...

The clipboard comment is priceless ..... and PERFECT !!