Thursday, February 2, 2017

All About Graham

I know it's been almost a month, but the other day the girls were reading through my old blog posts, and it made me realize why I love to do have the memories written down!  So, I figured I give an update about each kid.

We'll start with Graham!  He is such a good natured kid, and he usually has a smile on his face...especially if he has a big ice cream cone in his hand!  He loves being outside, playing sports, and pizza.  He hates when things seem unfair, when his sisters pester him, and wearing pants!

Graham is over halfway through his kindergarten year.  In fact, he just had his 100th day of school!  He is having a great year at school, and I am forever grateful for his kindergarten teacher.  Graham loves her, and so do I!  At the beginning of the year, he cried every day.  Now, our biggest argument is whether or not he has to wear pants.  He hates pants and long sleeved shirts, and he is convinced he's being punished if I make him wear them.  However, sometimes the weather calls for it!

Graham's favorite person in the world is his daddy.  He adores him.  A couple weeks ago, Casey was under the weather, and Graham made him this card.  He drew his other favorite thing at the bottom of the card...playing basketball, preferably with his dad!  Ever since Santa brought a basketball hoop, you can most often find Graham outside shooting some hoops.  Next year, I think we'll get him on an organized team, but for now, he enjoys playing Horse, Pig, and any other animal you can think of!

Graham has lost his middle two bottom teeth.  (This picture was from last fall.) So far, none of the top ones are wiggly, but I'm sure it won't be long. He is tall for his age, and is one of the tallest in his kindergarten class.  He still has asthma, but it's well controlled with his daily inhaler.  He is finishing up an indoor soccer season, and he will start his second season of baseball in a couple of weeks! 

His sisters still love to "mother" him.  I think that may be Graham's lot in life.  Of course, the girls sometimes drive him crazy, but they are super helpful with him as well.  They are (usually) happy to read with him, help him out with something new at school, and do anything that involves bossing him around.

Graham is such a great kid.  He is all boy and loves to wrestle and play outside, but he has such a sweet and funny personality. He recently told me that after he goes to college, he is going to come home every weekend because he will miss us.  ☺

There's an update on my favorite little guy!

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