Sunday, August 21, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Originally posted August 21, 2011 for Clare.  Reposted August 25, 2013 for Jane and Sydney.  Edited for Graham.

'Twas the night before kindergarten, and all through the house
the anticipation was building, in large amounts!
The backpacks were hung by the back door with care
with lunchbox and snack and clothes to spare!

The student was nestled all snug in his bed
while visions of crayons danced in his head.
With Mama a bit nervous, but excited as well,
Hopeful the first day will really go swell!

Haircuts, new shoes, all checked off the list.
First day outfit all picked out and pressed.
P.E. and music, computers and art;
And my boy so excited for the big day to start!

All day I will wonder about my little sidekick;
How is he doing?  Which friends will he pick?
My boy is quite ready, for a while I've known;
It's just hard to think how fast he has grown!!

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