Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10th Birthday Getaway!

In lieu of a birthday party, Casey and I decided to steal Clare away for a short little getaway!  We took her to Fort Worth and started at the Stockyards.   

The first thing on the agenda was the Amazing Race maze.  Clare conquered it in 23 minutes!!

We went and checked into the hotel and got ourselves cleaned up.  It was a beautiful weekend, and we let Clare pick our restaurant.  She picked an outdoor barbecue spot, and it was delicious! 

Clare loves staying in a hotel!  She especially loved waking up first thing and heading to the indoor pool!

Sunday morning we walked over to the Water Gardens, and then headed to brunch on Sundance Square.

Clare told us the last thing she wanted to do was go back and do the maze again.  Since it was her weekend, we obliged.  She improved her time by 2 minutes!!

It was such a fun weekend, and I am so glad we started this 10th birthday tradition.  Casey and I enjoyed spending time with our oldest girl so much.  What a special weekend!

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