Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Day

My camera cord got thrown out in a post-Christmas clean-out, so I am happy to finally have a new one and download the Christmas pictures!
After Deedee's house, we came home and got ready for Santa.  We did cookies and milk and set out reindeer food!  The kids were tired (look at Graham!), but excited!  Off to bed to wait for the big day...
Santa came....and left a message out of candy canes!
The girls were thrilled with itouches!  Santa really delivered!
Graham got an awesome Hot Wheels set.  It was huge!
The kids looked through their stockings, and then we opened gifts.
For the past two years, the siblings have drawn names of who to buy for.  I love watching what they pick out for each other.  Graham got Jane a fake bird that repeats what you say.  She loved it and he loved giving it to her!
We had a nice morning opening gifts.  Sydney scored some new roller blades.
Clare got a more official swim suit for all of her swimming!
After we finished at our house, we got ready and headed over to Mom and Dad's.  Jennifer and Mamma were there, as well as Nathan, Megan and Brody.   I didn't take any pictures, but the kids got selfie sticks, and Uncle Nate took this one!
It was such a fun Christmas this year.  I think it really might be the most wonderful time of the year!

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