Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quick Look


We'll go youngest to oldest for this post!  Graham is such a trooper!  Since I am working the two days a week that he is at preschool, he gets the pleasure of running all of my errands with me on the other days of the week.  He is so happy and easy-going and just generally pleasant;  I love having his company.  Now don't get me wrong, he'd rather go to the park than the grocery store, so I try to do fun things with him too!  I'm going to miss my sidekick next year when he's in kindergarten!
I thought Miss Sydney was going to give us our first broken bone a couple of weeks ago.  She fell
down the stairs and sprained her ankle pretty badly.  An x-ray confirmed that it was just sprained, so we avoided that broken bone least for the time-being.  Her foot hurt her for about two weeks, but not enough to slow her down too much.   Thankfully, this little fireball is one tough cookie. 

Jane continues to be my little fashionista.  She wears scarves, jewelry, belts, lots of different hairstyles, and has a constant armful of hair rubber bands.  Thankfully, she creates these looks herself, and rarely needs help with the execution!  Most often, she doesn't care if her "looks" are met with a questioning glance....and this simultaneously makes me proud and crazy!

Clare informed us all that yesterday was her half birthday!  Happy 9 1/2 to this goof ball!  She has been reading a lot lately.....with a little push from school to read 20 books in the fall semester!  She also recently auditioned for a speaking role in the Christmas musical, and she is thrilled with the part that she got!  While I can't say that I will always be excited about all of the extra Sunday afternoon rehearsals, remembering how ecstatic she was about getting this role will certainly help!
That's a quick peek into this fabulous foursome....all recently excited to get a swim in at the natatorium!


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