Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mini Mozarts

Several years ago, my grandmother generously told me that we could have her piano whenever we wanted it.  About six months ago, my parents graciously delivered the piano to our house!  Thus began several weeks of lots of piano "playing," also known as piano banging!  The newness eventually fizzled out, and the piano waited for someone to show it some real love!
This fall, Clare decided that she wanted to take lessons.  She started about a month ago, and she is really enjoying it.  She is anxious to learn more, and she (mostly) willingly practices and looks forward to her lessons!  Having no musical talent myself, I look forward to seeing her progress.

Graham, predictably, likes to do whatever his big sisters are doing.  And lately, he's heard a lot of Yankee Doodle being practiced on the piano!  Monkey see, monkey do!


I fondly remember playing on Mamma's piano every time we visited her house growing up, and I am thrilled to let my kids broaden their musical horizons on such a special instrument!

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