Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Through The Years

We are coming up on our tenth year of celebrating Halloween with my little ones!  Let's take a look back!
Clare made her Halloween debut in 2006  as the cutest pea pod that you ever saw!!!
In 2007, I was hugely pregnant with the twins and didn't take as many pictures as I should have (in fact, I had to get this one from my mother-in-law), but Clare was a sweet little bumblebee.
The girls first embraced the themed costume in 2008 as M&M's!  Sweet, sweet, sweet!
2009 brought back the bumblebee....along with a ladybug and butterfly!
One of my favorite pictures came in 2010.  Jane decided to be Wendy, Sydney was Tinkerbell, and Clare was a bride.  I love the picture of Wendy and Tinkerbell checking each other out!
Graham joined the mix in 2011, and superheroes seemed like the obvious choice!
The Wizard of Oz year brought another favorite picture!  I couldn't have posed them better if I tried!
It was off to Neverland in 2013.  Tinkerbell made her second appearance!!!
We were all about the turtles in 2014!  Turtle Power!
Looking forward to another fun year!!

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