Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soccer Stars

Soccer season has begun, and there's a new player in town!
After cheering the Diamonds on for several seasons, Graham has decided to join forces with the Bears and try out his own skills!  Today was the season opener for both teams.
Casey continues to coach the Diamonds.  Jane and Syd gave it their all, but they couldn't get the win today.  There are several new players on the team this year, so they are all still getting used to each other!
Graham's debut was a good one! 
The Bears dominated the other team, and Graham even scored a goal!
Watching my kids do something for the first time is always fun. When they enjoy it as much as Graham enjoyed scoring his first goal, it's an added bonus. 
When he was playing, he would make this strange "fish face."  Not sure what's up with that!!
It's sure to be a fun season cheering on the Bears and the Diamonds!



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Anonymous said...

Girls , girls, girls, always adorable and fun...