Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kool Kids

Because they caught me in a weak moment; because it's summer and we're running out of things to do;because sometimes it's just fun to say "yes"....I let my girls dip dye their hair in cherry Kool-Aid.

After a little reading on the Internet, it was unclear how long this stuff will stay in their hair.  Some websites said about a week. But one said up to EIGHT  months.  So before we began, I laid out the groundwork.....if it hasn't washed out before school starts, we are cutting it off. The girls were in agreement, so the dying began!
You boil the Kool-Aid, and then just dip as much of your hair as you want colored. I'm shocked at how vibrant the color turned out.

The girls loved the results.  I wish I had video of them flipping their hair around.   They felt very "teenagerish!"
We're three days in, and it has faded quite a bit, so we'll see what happens!  Time will tell!

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