Saturday, May 2, 2015

Material Girl

Jane has become quite the fashionista lately!  She has very strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and she puts together some show-stopping looks!

She always wants to wear lots of 'extras'....hats, vests, scarves, bracelets, etc. Oftentimes, the more accessories, the better!  She does all of her accessorizing herself, and fixes her hair everyday on her own.  Here are a few of her "looks" from the past couple of weeks:

I have never been one to wear leggings under shorts, but she went for it, and she looked cute as a button!  She accessorized with purple Converse high tops and a scarf!  (Her cheeks are red because we had just walked home from school!)

 This day called for shorts, ankle boots, a scarf and a bun in her hair!
On most days, as long as her outfits adhere to the school dress code, I let her dress as she chooses.  However, she is currently quite upset with me that I won't let her wear these fingerless gloves to school.   Forgive me, but I think they might be a tad distracting in class!  So, she wears them around the house ALL OF THE TIME...even in her pajamas!
I think she has an eye for fashion...maybe a future fashion designer?!?!

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