Sunday, April 19, 2015

Slumber Party!!!

My little man has a birthday coming up, and unfortunately Brody is going to be out of town for Graham's party.  So, Brody invited Graham to come to his house for a slumber party.  Graham LOVES Brody, so he was super excited about this idea!
This weekend was the big event.  Graham was sure to tell everyone that he was going to a slumber party "by myself!"  He did not want his sisters to have any part of this fun!
We asked Graham what he thought they would play, and he answered "probably weapons."
Nathan and Megan were quite the hosts...taking them to the Lego store
and out to dinner for pizza (and sending me pictures of all of the fun!)
Rumor has it that there was even a bit of slumber involved!

I think this slumber party lived up to Graham's high expectations.  He loved it...and is already asking when he can go back!  I think it may be our turn to host the next one!

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