Sunday, April 12, 2015


I've covered Clare's two birthday parties, but I didn't write much about Clare herself!  Without further ado, nine things about Clare at nine!

1.  Clare has really taken to swimming!  She swims twice a week, and will hopefully join some sort of 'swim team' in the near future!

2.  Clare is tall!  She's the tallest of her group of friends.  When we went Easter shopping, I had to buy her a size 6 shoe.  A women's size 6!  Does that seem crazy to anyone else?!?!

3.  She continues to be great with younger kids.  I can count on her to keep little ones in line.  Perhaps because she can be a tad bit bossy????

4.  She does great at school.  I never worry about her behavior at school; I think she is a teacher's dream.  She is a great reader, doesn't love math just yet, and loves art!!

5.  Her favorite show is Dancing With The Stars.  She loves Monday nights!

6.  She is writing her first book, thanks to a kit that LoLo and Pop gave her.  More about that upon publishing date.  :-)

7.  Clare is an old soul.  She loves to hang out with me and my friends, and she loves to be "in the know."

8.  She is excited for the summer...she has a diving class and Pine Cove in the City on her schedule!

9.  Clare is sweet, funny, a little dramatic, and just a great kid all around!  Love her to pieces!

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