Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter with the Peeps!

What a great Easter weekend!  We began with Graham's egg hunt at school.  He definitely got the hang of it!

Of course, we had to do a few Easter crafts to get in the spirit!

On Saturday, we headed to Deedee and Papaw's house for our traditional egg hunt.  We joined by Emme, Grandad, Bryan and Morgan J.  Aunt Morgan was there too!

The weather was perfect...perfect for an egg hunt!


Early Sunday morning, the kids were excited to see that the Easter bunny had come!

And he brought flower pots, seeds, gardening tools, jump ropes and some candy!

We got out of our pajamas and headed to church. I'm so thankful for these four.

You can see their finished craft projects in this one...

After church, we joined up with Nathan, Megan and Brody at LoLo and Pop's house.  We had our final egg hunt and a delicious brunch!  Uncle Nate elicited some great smiles in this one!

With full baskets and full bellies, we headed home where we had seeds waiting to be planted.  Each kid got a different kind of seed, so we'll see what sprouts first.

It was a fun weekend made possible by our great family!  Happy Easter to all!

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