Monday, February 16, 2015

The Latest

Here's what's been happening around our house...according the to my phone!

Graham and I spent three Friday mornings in a row up at the elementary school to honor each of the girls as student of the week!
 I love mid-day doctor's appointments that allow me to have lunch with one of my girls!  I think Graham does too!
  We went to Home Depot's kid workshop.  The kids were hard at work!

The final masterpieces!

Graham had a fun Valentine's party at school!

Clare had a small Valentine's Day party with some of her friends at our house on Friday night.  She was super excited, and it was fun to have her friends over. 

The girls crafted, ate pizza, and played a "Minute to Win It" game.  It was big fun.

Today the kids were out of school,  and it was super cold outside.  We decided to suit up and head to the natatorium!  Everyone had a great time swimming!

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