Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Ants Go Marching...

Casey and I decided to give Sydney a light-up gel ant farm for Christmas.  We recently sent off for the ants, and they arrived last week!  It was time to get started!

First, she dug three tunnels (with a special tool) straight down to help the ants get started.

When I saw the size of the ants, and I read that they can bite and sting, I opted to let Casey handle the transfer!  The kids watched intensely.

The ants are in the house!  

 We watched them for quite some time, although at first, they were a bit sluggish.  I guess they had to get used to their new habitat.

But by the next morning, the ants had made lots of progress.  The tunnels were coming along!  

The kids would stop and check in on the ants all of the time.  Graham even took a seat on the floor at one point to watch the action!

Check out all of the tunnels!  It really is quite fascinating.  Casey and I have spent quite a bit of time watching the ants as well.  

It has been a fun thing to watch. Let's just pray that no one accidentally knocks it over....

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