Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Looking Forward

There was a time when life could only be described as crazy.  Each day the goal was simply survival.  The days when we had three kids under the age of two, and each of those three were headed in a different direction.

In all honesty, so many of the early days of having the twins are such a blur.  

And  the craziness continued when we added one more to the mix.  Four kids ages five and under.  I, of course, wouldn't trade a day for any of it, but thinking back definitely makes me tired. The days were full of constant crying, pottying, dressing, and undressing.

It hit me the other day that things have gotten easier.  I'm certainly not saying that we don't have crazy days around here anymore.  It seems like most days are. The laundry remains a force to be reckoned with, and the housekeeping is an overwhelming task.  But, I see glimpses of having a houseful of (older) kids instead of a houseful of toddlers. For example, we recently played an entire game of Life, with Casey and Graham tag-teaming.  And no one cried, and no one threw the money on the floor, no one stormed off....it was fun! 

Also, Casey took all four kids to the movies a couple of weeks ago.  A few years ago, we never would have dreamed of doing that. Every time we pass another milestone stage, I become nostalgic.  But I am determined to enjoy each stage of the kids' lives, and this next one might have some perks!!

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