Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Recap

I'm so behind!  I have been busy enjoying Casey home from work and playing with new toys!  

We finished out the days before Christmas doing lots of fun things...the annual cookie decorating event, bowling, we went to see Annie, went carolling with aunt Jennifer....lots of activities.  Two out of our six came down with the flu, so that was a bummer.  Thankfully, it passed before anyone missed any major events.  But finally, Christmas Eve arrived, and we headed to Deedee and Papaw's to begin the festivities.

Clare was beside herself excited.  She talked non-stop the entire drive to Dale's house.  Her enthusiasm was contagious!

I think everyone was excited!

At last, everyone arrived, and it was time to start!

The kids (and adults) got so much great stuff.  Graham was especially thrilled with his "fuseball" table!


Next up, we headed home to say goodbye to Frank and get ready for Santa!

Cookies for Santa...


and reindeer food for Rudolph and gang.

The next morning, Clare woke me up with......"He came!"


Santa brought tablets and cases for all of the girls, and an airplane and Leap Band for Graham.

Everyone was thrilled with their loot!  Santa always does good!  We exchanged our family gifts, and then headed to LoLo and Pop's.  Everyone tried to wear/bring as much new stuff as the clothes, tablets, etc.

We spent time with aunt Jennifer and Mamma, along with Nathan, Megan and Brody.  
We were once again spoiled with more presents, including these handmade scarves and hats by Mamma!!!

  We ate some great food, and spent the majority of the day there.  It was a great Christmas!!!  My favorite time of year.

Since then, we have taken down the tree, brought in the new year, and played with tons of new toys!  Seems like I have seen a lot of this staring at the new tablets!!!

Here's to a great 2015!

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