Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Week!

 Halloween week started with a trip to church for Trunk or Treat!  This was the first time that the Turtles had all worn their costumes, and there were a few costume issues that needed to be worked out.  It was a good trial run!  Nonetheless, the kids had fun and got a lot of candy!


Graham had a petting zoo/pumpkin patch day at his school.  He held a rabbit, fed a goat, brushed a sheep, and seemed to really enjoy the animals.

He had to decorate a pumpkin, and this was his creation!  I painted the nose and the scar, but the rest of it was all Graham!

Then on Thursday, he got to wear his 'Donnie' costume to school and have a party!

They made spooky spider hats!

At last, Halloween night was upon us!  We got everyone in costume, and headed down the street to the drainpipe to get some authentic Ninja Turtle pictures!

Michelangelo was feeling it!

Donatello was fierce!

Raphael was nervous, but brave enough to get in the pipe!

And Leonardo was ready to fight!

I have to hand it to my kids...they totally embrace the theme costume.  When I suggested that they dress up like the Ninja Turtles, they were all totally on board!  We'll see if that continues next year?

We went and visited some friends, and then headed to the park for pizza.  The costumes didn't slow these kids down!

And then it was off for Trick or Treating!  The kids got way more candy than they need, the weather was nice, and the costumes all survived!  It was a success!

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