Sunday, November 9, 2014

All Things Jane!

Jane Jennings is quite possibly the sweetest child that ever existed.

She's just so nice.  A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday, her teacher told the class that they would be getting a new student on the upcoming Monday.  Jane told me "I need to make a card for Jasmine, the new student."  I asked if her teacher told them to do that.  She replied, "no, I just want to." 

She frequently thinks of others before herself!  She is so willing to sacrifice what she wants to do, sometimes to a fault!  She is so sweet to Graham, and is constantly writing me little this one I found on my grocery list.

Now, of course, she has her moments.  She can whine, and she gets mad at her sisters (and her parents), and really doesn't like it when things don't seem "fair!"  However generally speaking, she is delightful and eager to please.  Such a positive presence!

She is having a great year in school, can most often be found wearing jewelry of some sort, and loves to color.  Jane loves salty foods more than sweet, requires a lot of sleep, and has the best handwriting around.  She finished up a good soccer season, has mastered bike riding, and loves to swing.

She is sweet as sugar and has a heart of gold!

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