Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Catch-Up!

I think this might have been my longest blogging break ever!  It wasn't intentional, and I am going to try to get back in the habit!

Here is a look at a few things that we did this month!

We spent a day at Deedee and Papaw's lake house, and the kids got to go tubing.  Sydney loves the water, and everyone loved being on the boat!

Soccer season started, and the Diamonds are off to a great start!  Sydney has scored some goals in both game that they have played.

This year the teams play with a goalie.  Everyone is a little nervous about playing this position, but Jane made some awesome stops!  

Coach Casey is back in his familiar role!  The girls love having him coach, and Graham keeps asking when he gets to be on the Diamonds!

The weather has cooled a bit, which allows for so many more outdoor activities.  Graham and I have enjoyed a few mornings at the park.

Clare brought this home this weekend.  Are you jealous?  Can't you hear Hot Cross Buns playing in your head?

Clare is excited because her "real" teacher comes back from maternity leave tomorrow.  It's like another first day of school!  

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