Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching Up With Clare

Clare is really liking third grade!  She loves that they are upstairs in the building, and that she gets to carry a binder instead of a folder.  These things are a big deal!  She likes that she HAS homework....she just doesn't always like DOING the homework!

She ventured out to her first slumber party last weekend, and she deemed it a success!  There were eleven girls there; makes me tired to think about it!

I think this is the sign of a good party!

Clare is growing up so quickly!  She's responsible and kind, and she's great with younger kids. She often rounds up the younger kids at Jane and Sydney's soccer practice and plays games with them.  So helpful!  She takes her role as Graham's big sister very seriously.  She is about to start a swim team program, and she is excited about that.  Clare is a great reader and writer, and she is constantly dreaming up projects to be completed....that usually involve paint, duct tape, glitter, and any other craft material you can dream up!

Looking forward to see what the rest of this third grade year brings!

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