Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fossil Rim

A couple of weeks ago, Deedee treated us to a trip to Fossil Rim.    Fortuitously, it was a pleasant, overcast day....such a treat in July!  It was a great day to visit the animals. It wasn't too crowded, and we got to drive through at our own pace. 

Graham enjoyed feeding the animals.  He thought it was so cool that the animals came right up to your window!

Clare was a little squeamish about this guy.  She was more comfortable tossing the food on the ground and letting the animals take it from there!  Like mother, like daughter!

We stopped at the overlook and had a nice lunch, and visited the children's area. 

There were some very tame goats in the children's area.  Sydney took a liking to this guy. 

Then it was back in the car to see more animals.  Jane continued supplying the animals with more food than they could eat.  

We saw tons of deer, giraffes, zebras, ostriches,

and some rhinos!

It was a great day.  The kids loved seeing all the animals, and it felt like an "adventure!"  Thanks to Deedee for the great day trip!


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Deedee said...

Sometimes unplanned journeys are the best !