Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Business

We got our teacher assignments in the mail last week, and we were ready to go Meet the Teacher last Thursday!

Everyone's classes received seals of approval, and we began making preparations for the big day!  Sunday night we had a "Back to School" feast!

I had written some questions for each girl,things like "I'm excited about..." and "I'm nervous about..."  Imagine my delight, when I read what Jane, my sensitive girl,  was nervous about....'nuthing.'    For the record, Sydney was nervous about lunch, and Clare was nervous about her sub. (Her teacher recently had a baby and is out until the end of September.)

And finally, the big day had arrived!  The girls all awoke before their alarms went off, and they were excited.  The first day of school drop-off is always a bit chaotic, but aside from a few tears from Graham, it went well!  The girls happily went in and found their seats!

I was ready for school to start this year.  After the summer, it just seemed like everyone was ready for a change of pace.  It's so funny how even though I was ready, as soon as I dropped them off this morning, I was ready to hear how their days went!  I was anxious to see them at 3:00!

All reports were good!  Everyone had a great day, and had good things to say about their classes.  We went for ice cream after school and the details of the day slowly trickled out during the afternoon.

This little guy was certainly happy to have "his girls" home after school.  The house was quiet without his partners in crime around!

Everyone is excited and ready to go back tomorrow! 

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