Friday, June 6, 2014

The Last Week

Last Friday was the Sock Hop!

Last Saturday was a horse riding party!

Last Sunday, we made our own peanut butter at the grocery store after church.

Last Monday, we met Brody for dinner!  Big fun!

Last Tuesday, Graham had his second day of swim lessons!  No fear of the water at all.....but a little fear of the his super-nice swim teacher.

Last Wednesday, Jane and Sydney are officially 6 1/2.  Happy half-birthday!

Last Thursday was Awards Day!  So proud of my girls! Syd got "happy helper," Jane received "star student," and Clare got an award for straight A's, and that's not even all of them!  Everyone had outstanding attendance...Jane never missed a day!  Great year for these three.

 Today....LAST DAY OF SCHOOL....

 Now it's time to catch up on sleep, swim at the pool, and enjoy having my people home everyday!

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