Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Staycation 2014

Spring break 2014 is halfway over, and we've already done a ton of stuff!  We started out break by building a castle!  

The kids got this cardboard castle for Christmas from Nathan and Megan.  And Saturday was the day to build it!  Each kid got a tower and a hallway, and they decorated accordingly.  Clare even hung curtains on her little windows!

On Sunday, I took the girls shopping for new swimsuits.  Let me assure you that we tried on every suit in the store, but we had fun doing it, and we got some cute suits!

Nothing better than eating some Mexican food after swimsuit shopping, right?

 These new suits were put to good use on Monday when we went to the natatorium!  My crew loves swimming, so this was a super fun activity!  

On Tuesday, I took the girls to test their skills on the ice.

Graham and Casey stayed home for this one.  It's hard enough for the girls!  We skated for a little while, and it is amazing how much better they got from the beginning to the end.  They were pretty wobbly at first!  

Today, we ventured to Hope Park in Frisco.  We had never been before, and it was definitely worth visiting!

There were so many cool things to do here!

The modern day merry-go-round!

We took a picnic lunch and spent a good portion of the day out there.  Big fun.

I always love having Casey home for a few days.  And, it's been nice to do some things we don't normally do around here.  However, I think all this fun has worn this little guy out!

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Megan said...

The castle looks great!! We are excited to see you all this weekend :).