Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day!

We were all thrilled to have a snow day! After a busy weekend, I was happy to have an extra day to regroup and relax and just spend time with the kids!

My kids and their imaginations never cease to amaze me!  Clare started the day playing "tech support/electrician!"  I have no clue where that came from, but she and her sisters checked every speaker, outlet, printer, etc. around our house!

Next up, we made cookies.  Something about being home all day makes my crew want to bake.  We made sugar cookies!

This was Graham's idea of icing the cookies!

Sometimes, when I see something at a store, I buy it and tuck it away for a rainy icy day!  Luckily, I had this cool eye shadow set in my closet.

The girls loved it!

My made-over beauties!
(This was Jane's serious look!)

I won't tell you about any of the tears, sibling fights, etc. because that's not fun to write about!  But all in all, we had a fun day at home.  The ice has melted so we are back to the real world tomorrow!

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